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After The Catch DVD (DC Season 3)
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After The Catch DVD (DC Season 3)

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Watch the After The Catch DVD (DC Season 3) set as ship Captains Phil, Sig, Jonathan and Larry and deckhand Hiram share stories with Mike Rowe about the most dangerous job in the world - a commercial fisherman. See beyond the typical Deadliest Catch episodes as these fishermen speak candidly about ships lost at sea, what it's like to be a crab fisherman and more. Season 3 of the Deadliest Catch DVDs feature thrilling tales of successful and failed rescue attempts, the worst storms ever faced, mysteries at sea and finally, the family lineage of these men at sea.

Captains Phil, Sig, Jonathan, Larry and deckhand Hiram meet up with Mike Rowe to swap stories about the most dangerous job in the world. Listen to the captains and crew tell tales beyond what we know from Deadliest Catch and answer our most pressing questions about being a crab fisherman. We'll learn about their pasts, hear haunting stories of ships lost at sea, and most importantly watch these fascinating men reminisce on camera together.

Buy After The Catch DVD (DC Season 3) and enjoy the thrilling tales of these career commercial fisherman, the deadliest of professions, in one of the most treacherous places on earth, the Bering Sea.

Overboard opens the series with some of the Bering Sea's greatest stories of successful and failed rescue attempts. Josh White will appear at the captain's table, as Jonathan’s crew saved him when he went Overboard off the Trailblazer. Spike Walker himself will retell the great Master Carl story, and the ship's two survivors will meet in person for the first time since their rescue, over 30 years ago. The fishermen will talk about their own losses at sea, and they'll get a chance to swap stories with two of the greatest Coast Guard personnel ever: superstar chopper pilots Jimmy Ng and Laura Guth. As always, there will be no shortage of laughs, as the guys inflate a raft (at the table) and make Mike wear the survival suit"¦

Man Vs. Nature
Man vs. Nature tackles the most visceral and the most frightening themes in the series - as well as some very lighthearted ones. The fishermen swap stories of the worst storms they remember; these are harrowing near-death tales of extraordinary focus at the helm. They talk about what it's like to face the Ice Pack and just how terrifying it is to know it could rip their boat and sink it like the Titanic. They talk about what it takes to scare a sea captain, namely gigantic rogue waves that come from nowhere. They'll relive the Big Valley tragedy and talk about what might have been done differently. Then, they'll lighten the mood and have some fun with stories of exhaustion, notorious seasickness and crazy antics at sea.

Mysteries at Sea
Mysteries at Sea has our captains and deckhands swapping stories of some of the more peculiar aspects of crab fishing. What are the rituals these guys go through every time they head out? What kind of toughness is expected from a crab fisherman? Viewers will hear the incredible story of the Ghost Ship, the Golden Viking, told by Phil's dad, who was her captain. Spike Walker will return to lend a new angle to the St Patrick story. The guys also share their own "close call" stories, where they were barely spared their ships, and their lives. Viewers will understand how many of these guys escape to the Bering Sea because of their troubled lives on land, and they'll get a chance to meet the series creator, Thom Beers, who will explain how and why Deadliest Catch came to be. Finally, all the captains will disappear from the room, and the deckhands will take over. At that point, Mike can get the straight scoop on who those captains really are.

On the Edge
On The Edge goes right to the untamed side of crab fishing. First the guys talk about the lineage connected to their career, starting right at the table with the Hansens, Hillstrands, Harrises, and even Hendricks. That's a lot of "H." Viewers will delight in tales of the Glory Days of crab fishing, when money flowed as freely as the booze (and the cocaine), and crab fishermen were late 20th century prospectors. Mike will have them weigh in on how they feel about those noteworthy "chickens" who abandoned ship, and he'll invite a couple of Deadliest Catch's most high-profile women to toss in their perspective as well. The guys will have a little send-up for the "Deadliest Greenhorn," as they bring Kevin Davis to the table. And finally, they'll celebrate some of the most notorious pranks, both at sea and on shore.
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  • Run Time: 2 hours 52 minutes
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