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American Loggers DVD


American Loggers DVD

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In American Loggers Season 1 DVD, meet the seven courageous brothers of the Pelletier family, who brave the upper Northeastern wilderness of Maine, to harvest timber. Traveling roads of snow and ice at quick speeds, presents many opportunities for ruined equipment, injury or worse yet, death. Experience the thrill of American Loggers DVDs from season 1, and you'll appreciate the comfort and safety of your own day job!

In the American Loggers Season 1 DVD, meet the seven brothers of Pelletier Inc., a family with timber in its blood. Each day they lead their crews into woods to claw out a living in the forests of Northern Maine. American Loggers DVDs feature the brothers as they cut roads through the mud and snow, harvest timber with fearsome machines and drag monstrous bundles of wood to waiting trucks which will make their way down unpaved, ice-covered logging routes at breakneck speeds to mills throughout the U.S. and Canada. It's a brutal and dangerous existence in which a twist of fate, one error in judgment, can yield horrific consequences: mangled equipment, injury, and even death. This series of American Loggers videos, follows this hearty breed, marveling at their stubborn dedication, courage, and ingenuity as they tackle the Northern Maine wilderness.

Shop for the American Loggers Season 1 DVD and follow the Pelletier family, as they risk life and limb to harvest timber in the upper Northeast.

1. Timber in Their Blood: In a week where bad news seems to be the only news, the crews hustle to make up for lost time. Then two drivers crash their monster log hauling trucks, sending shock waves through the Pelletier family that is fighting to keep their timber business alive.

2. A Week From Hell: Pelletier Inc. is falling behind on the weekly quota, so Eldon takes a dangerous risk by doubling the loads to the mills. The Pelletier family pulls together to help an employee, and the delay leads to another financially disastrous week.

3. Hurricane on the Horizon: A hurricane makes for the Pelletiers' most disastrous week of production yet. Rain and mud slow tree cutting down and create danger on the roads. As the family tries to catch up, a driver spills his load and Wayne manhandles a double through sludge.

4. Stuck in the Muck: The brothers battle through mud and muck leading to treacherous conditions for hauling. Then, a 40 year veteran driver is injured as his truck rolls in a dangerous accident.

5. White Gold: A long awaited snow storm brings what is deemed "white gold," as the ground is frozen and more timber can be harvested. But icy roads cause skidding trucks and a near head-on collision between father and son.

6. Big Freeze...Big Trouble: A Nor'easter drops a foot of snow and the subzero temperatures lead to frozen machines in the woods. Meanwhile, a driver loses control of his rig on a snowy hair pin turn and nearly flips his truck into a creek.

7. The Big Push: Rudy and Eldon come up short on a major contract, and Jeff loses patience as breakdowns continue to cost precious time and money. Then veteran driver Steve Gillman relives the worst day of his life when he wrecked twice in one day.

8. Hammer Down: Lumber markets are collapsing, forcing Rudy and Eldon to downsize earlier than expected. A blizzard keeps log haulers parked in the yard, Eldon gets stuck in a dangerous corner and Gilley's rig is engulfed in flames after he pushes it too hard.

9. Graveyard Shift: As Winter ends and temperatures rise, exhausted drivers struggle to stay awake on the graveyard shift. Eldon has an accident and the forest turns into a nightmare when the soft ground and sinkholes attempt to swallow the massive skidder and de-limber.

10. Closing the Golden Road: As Spring arrives, the most dangerous part of logging season is underway. An accident occurs as sleep-deprived drivers battle exhaustion and confront countless hazards.

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