Baby Mammoth DVD

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  • Format: DVD
  • Studio: Discovery Channel
  • DVD Release Date: March 25, 2008
  • Genre: Documentary
A Baby Mammoth DVD, begins its story in a very remote part of Central Siberia, where gold miners uncover a fully intact frozen from a prehistoric era. Scientists study how the animal lived, died and determined that it may be a possibility to successfully clone the extinct mammal. Dinosaur DVDs Baby Mammoth video is an amazing look at how far science has come and how the advances may mean Mammoths will once again roam the earth.

In the Baby Mammoth DVD, travel back to prehistory and get an unprecedented glimpse into the future – as scientists contemplate the possibility of cloning a real baby mammoth. The saga begins in remote central Siberia, where gold miners unearth an intact, frozen baby mammoth from the Pleistocene Era. In the dinosaur DVDs Baby Mammoth video, an exclusive Discovery Channel program, scientists study not only how the ancient animal lived and died but determine that cloning the mammoth could become a reality in our lifetimes.

Join top paleontologists and experts in high-tech DNA technology and cutting-edge forensic science as they unveil the ice-covered world of the mammoth and explore the possibility that these mighty animals could walk the Earth again. Experience a Mammoth DVD and the fascinating journey into cutting-edge science and learn how science fiction may someday become science fact!

Shop for a Baby Mammoth DVD, and watch as scientists investigate a fully intact frozen baby mammoth, found by miners in Siberia, for clues as to how it lived, died and how they might successfully clone the currently extinct creature.

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