Baking with the Cake Boss (Hardcover)

Baking with the Cake Boss (Hardcover)

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Designed to be used by beginners and seasoned bakers alike who want to try their hand at Buddy Valastro cake recipes, BAKING WITH THE CAKE BOSS is a cookbook that breaks down baking techniques for the simplest butter cookies to the complex, themed, holiday, and wedding cakes, that make Buddy Valastro the Cake Boss. Like the show, Buddy shows the reader how to bake a cake full of enthusiasm and passion, and confidence in the reader's ability to replicate his baked goods and cakes at home. He starts with a few general notes and directions about basic baking skills, to be cross-referenced by the text (scaling and mixing, rolling, piping, etc.), and then moves on to recipes which have personal stories woven throughout. It includes 70 decorating styles and recipes for all occasions!
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