Cabinets of Curiosities - Peculiar Minerals

Cabinets of Curiosities - Peculiar Minerals

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  • Ages: 6+
  • Made In: USA
This isn't your normal set of pet rocks!

Watch TV using a rock that transmits real images with its natural fiber optics. See a rock actually float on water with the Buoyant Rock.

Rub together the alien-like flash rocks and watch as they glow from the inside. Or, place the growing crystal in a pool of vinegar and watch as smaller crystals sprout all over its surface.

Open the Cabinet of Curiosities Peculiar Minerals set and amaze yourself with geology.

  • A set of 4 minerals with mind-boggling characteristics
  • Encourages critical thinking, experimentation, interest in geology
  • Amazes the eyes and heightens scientific curiosity
  • T.V. rock transmits images, buoyant rock floats, flash rocks light up, crystal rock grows placed in vinegar
  • Includes mineral descriptions and instructions
  • Rocks are reusable for continued experimentation
  • Part of the Cabinet of Curiosities line
  • Worry-Free Shopping