Children's Map of the Solar System

Children's Map of the Solar System

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  • Dimensions: 38"H x 54"W
Children can explore the heavens with this beautifully illustrated wall map. It features colorful cartoon icons making the map educational & fun. Next to each illustrated significant space mission is its name & reference number. The index then provides its name, reference number, sponsor, date of launch, & what makes it significant. The map's glossy UV finish makes it extra durable for hours of fun!

On the far left side of the map the Real Relative Distances in the Solar System bar shows the main celestial bodies of the solar system in relation to each other, expressed in astronomical units.

On the left side of the map a chart gives the symbol, name, significant data, mass, diameter, distance from the sun, revolution period, rotation period, temperature, & number of natural satellites for each major celestial body of this solar system. Similar data about our moon (in relation to Earth rather than the sun) is also shown. Below the chart are defintions of the measurement units used in astronomy, URLs for more info on the solar system, & info about the minor celestial bodies of the solar system.

The bottom of the map features a timeline of the key moments of the genesis & discovery of our solar system.

The top of the map features diagrams covering: real relative size of the major celestial bodies of the solar system; solar & lunar eclipses; lunar phases; configuration of the planets; seasons of the northern & southern hemispheres; higher & lower flood tides; meteor storm radiants; layers of atmosphere; greenhouse effect; diagram of launches falling, entering orbit, or entering space free from gravitational pull; & structural diagrams of our sun, Earth, Jupiter, & a comet.

A lot of work, effort, & knowledge were put into this map. Experts in history, geology, astronomy, & climatology participated actively in creating a product of the highest possible quality, based on the latest referential literature.Size: 54"x38"
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