Deadliest Catch King Crab T-Shirt - Black


Deadliest Catch King Crab T-Shirt - Black

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  • Color: Black
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    Doubling the Width measurement will give the chest size.
With a King Crab Deadliest Catch t-shirt in sleek black get ready to set sail aboard "King Crab Cruise Lines," which is not quite the exotic and relaxing vacation you'd hope for. Inspired by the series, the Deadliest Catch, this shirt calls to mind a more exciting adventure of crabbing on the Bering Sea in gale force winds, walls of waves and icy bergs that will threaten your life, each and every day. This Deadliest Catch short sleeve shirt with a green and white distressed logo is a much more comfortable way to join the crews from the Deadliest Catch and a lot safer too!
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