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Deadliest Catch: Season 3 DVD


Deadliest Catch: Season 3 DVD

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  • Format: DVD
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  • Run Time: 480 minutes
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  • Studio: Discovery Comm
  • Genre: TV Series
See the Deadliest Catch Season 3 DVD set and continue on with the captains and the crews that you have come to love and who brave treacherous elements on the Bering Sea to bring in the most lucrative catch. Or if you are a new fan, you will want to see another thrilling episode of the show that made a splash and is now into it's third exciting season. Either way, these Deadliest Catch DVDs will not disappoint and are packed full of unimaginable footage and special features that will make you want every episode, back to back!

In the Deadliest Catch Season 3 DVD set, forty-foot waves, freezing temperatures and a nearly 100-percent injury rate. Crab fishing off the Alaskan coast on the icy Bering Sea is one of the world's most dangerous jobs. But it's also one of the most lucrative, offering tens of thousands of dollars for a few days' work. Watch Deadliest Catch DVDs, and follow one group of ambitious men as they battle harsh conditions and intense competition in the frenzied search for an undersea jackpot.

Buy the Deadliest Catch Season 3 DVD set and catch up on some thrilling - and often heart-breaking - episodes of teams of commercial fisherman, braving the Bering Sea, in an attempt to bring in the jackpot of the season!

A Tragic Beginning
Journey back to Dutch Harbor, Alaska – the largest fishing port in the United States. The 2006 Red King Crab season kicks off as 81 fishing vessels eagerly return to stake their claim in the million dollar jackpot.

The Unforgiving Sea
After the Ocean Challenger fishing boat sinks, a Coast Guard helicopter rescues the only known survivor. Meanwhile, two bodies are pulled from the water and another man remains lost at sea.

Pain and Paybacks
After a deadly start to the season, the Bering Sea claims more victims. Deckhand Lenny Lakanoff of the Wizard suffers a crippling injury, leaving Captain Keith scrambling to shore.

Cheating Death
Halfway through the season the grind is on with crews working throughout the nights. Equipment failures, fatigue and bad weather make fishing even more dangerous.

Bering Sea Salvation
Experience the heart-wrenching tales of the Bering Sea as Captain Johnathan Hillstrand of the Time Bandit recounts a rescue attempt he made nine years ago that ended in tragedy.

The Last Lap
The grinding 2006 Red King Crab fishing marathon comes to a close as holds fill with King gold. With money in their pockets, the fishermen return home for a short rest before returning to the 2007 Opilio Crab Season.

New Beginnings
All aboard as the January Opilio crab season opens. Several greenhorns are about to experience the subfreezing temperatures and icy winter waters of the Bering Sea for the first time.

Caught in the Storm
Only days into the Opilio season, a major storm system hits the fishing grounds causing Captain Andy of the Time Bandit to call his men off deck.

Crossing the Line
A monster storm blows through the Time Bandit and Cornelia Marie grounds, and a double change of guard takes place on the Wizard as Captain Keith Colburn and greenhorn Nick both head south.

Trials of the Greenhorns
The harsh winter weather puts the greenhorns to the test, but the Northwestern and Cornelia Marie greenhorns step up to prove their worth by working through broken bones and icy decks without complaint.

Ice and Open Water
The promise of a great catch outweighs the dangerous risks faced by the Opilio Crab fishing vessels. The Far West Leader attempts to survive the loss of one engine, while the Time Bandit enjoys unseasonable weather and unprecedented catches.

A Frozen Finish
The 2007 Opilio crab tally is in and a winner is declared. After a long and difficult crab fishing season, the Northwestern enjoys a sweet homecoming with friends and family back in Seattle.

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