Deaf Dogs (The Photo Book Projects, Volume 1) (Hardcover)

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Deaf Dogs is a photo book portraying dogs that suffer from hearing loss and evaded the tragic destiny of many of their canine peers. Dog loversí hearts are going to jump each time they learn that one of the disabled pets featured in the book was saved from euthanasia and placed into a loving home. The hardcover dog book about deaf dogs is a beautiful collection of happy endings that supports a great cause by donating a portion of all proceeds to help the pets in need.

The book Deaf Dogs (The Photo Book Projects, Volume 1) calls attention to the sad truth that thousands of deaf dogs are put to sleep each year simply because they are deaf. This photo book profiles deaf dogs that were lucky enough to find their forever homes. The dog book about deaf canines features 78 gorgeous portraits of deaf dogs and their stories. 30% of the proceeds from all online sales of the book will be donated to the Foundation.

The dog picture book has 160 pages.

Buy the Deaf Dogs book (The Photo Book Projects, Volume 1), and help save the pets in need from an unnecessary death while enjoying some heartwarming stories and stunning dog photography.
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