Confetti Cakes Cookbook (Hardcover)

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In the hardcover Confetti Cakes Cookbook, you can discover how to create hand-sculpted cakes as lovely as those made by Elisa Strauss. Her business - Confetti Cakes in New York City - specializes in designs such as an amazing facsimile of a high-heeled shoe next to a shoebox. In the Confetti Cakes baking book, the acclaimed cake artist shares the secrets of her fabulous creations.

The Confetti Cakes Cookbook lets you understand that when a world-famous shoe designer walked into his surprise birthday party and saw the cake that was waiting for him - a Manolo stiletto perched alluringly next to a tissue-filled shoebox - it was his turn to ogle someone else's talent. The cake, created by Elisa Strauss of Confetti Cakes in New York City, was a sensation. The Confetti Cakes baking book came about because not only did everyone at the party want to know how it was made, they wanted to know how to create something as dazzling themselves.

224 pages

Buy the hardcover Confetti Cakes Cookbook in which acclaimed cake artist Elisa Strauss shares the secrets of her stunning hand-sculpted creations so you can try them yourself at home.
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