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  • Format: DVD
  • Studio: Gaiam (Exclusive)
  • DVD Release Date: July 31, 2012
  • Genre: Documentary
In the Elephants DVD, you’ll meet elephants in Africa and India, where the powerful pachyderms face very different threats. The animals’ greatest endangerment, however, comes from humans, who have decimated their numbers through poaching and habitat loss caused by changes in land use. The Elephants video features two spectacular shows that will make you realize how special the giants really are.

Watch the Elephants DVD, and enjoy two great Animal Planet shows on one DVD! See the amazing story of an elephant family life and death journey in Africa Elephant Kingdom and experience the elephant existence in India in Queen of the Elephants.
Africa's Elephant Kingdom

The Elephants video follows an extended elephant family, featuring a venerable Old Bull, as it embarks upon a life-and-death journey across the vast African plains. Through oppressive conditions they persevere, facing extraordinary joys and sorrows in life.
Queen of the Elephants

In the Animal Planet DVD Elephants, you’ll learn that the people of India regard the elephant as a god; yet today, the needs of humans and the elephants are diametrically opposed. This special follows adventurer/conservationist Mark Shand and Parbarti Barua — the only female mahout (elephant trainer/handler) in India and perhaps the world — as they trek 300 miles across India on the backs of elephants. Their aim in the Elephants DVD is to bring attention to the plight of the elephant. As India's population explodes and living space disappears, the crucial pathways linking one feeding ground to another are being cut, driving elephants to raid fields and towns for food.

Buy the Elephants DVD for a collection of two captivating Animal Planet shows about the majestic animals that you can enjoy over and over again.

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