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The Discovering Ardi DVD, is the amazing journey of an elite team of scientists, tasked with reconstructing the oldest hominid skeleton ever found. "Ardi" was found 20 years after the famous "Lucy" in the Afar region of Ethiopia. See in a human evolution DVD, how it takes the team 17 years to put Ardi back together, while revealing a new chapter in human evolution. "

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The Discovering Ardi DVD begins its story with the 1974 discovery of Australopithecus afarensis in Hadar, northeastern Ethiopia. Nicknamed ''Lucy,'' this 3.2 million year old skeleton was, at the time, the oldest hominid skeleton ever found. In a human evolution DVD, as the Discovery Channel special documents, Lucy's title would be overtaken twenty years later by the 1994 discovery of """"Ardi"""" in Ethiopia's Afar region in the Middle Awash study area. It would take an elite international team of experts the next fifteen years to delicately, meticulously and methodically piece together ''Ardi'' and her lost world in order to reveal her significance.

The science DVD reveals a scientific investigation as it began in the Ethiopian desert 17 years ago, and now opens a new chapter on human evolution, revealing the first evolutionary steps our ancestors took after we diverged from a common ancestor we once shared with living chimpanzees. """"Ardi's"""" centerpiece skeleton, the other hominids she lived with, and the rocks, soils, plants and animals that made up her world were analyzed in laboratories around the world, and the scientists have now published their findings in the prestigious journal Science.

Shop for a Discovering Ardi DVD, and witness the amazing work by international experts, as they painstakingly put the 3.2 million year old hominid skeleton back together.

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