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  • Format: DVD
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  • Number of Discs: 5
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  • Language: English
  • Studio: Discovery Comm
  • DVD Release Date: May 17, 2012
  • Subtitles: English SDH
  • Genre: TV Series
Catch the exclusive Deadliest Catch Season 6 DVD set and join crews of commercial fisherman as they try to haul in a year's salary in just a week. Forty-foot waves, an almost 100-percent injury rate and gale force winds make crabbing on the Bering Sea, even more dangerous. In Deadliest Catch DVDs, experience the danger with nail-biting footage, of some of the most capable Captains in the world as they and their crews perform the great search for Alaskan King and C. Opilio crab in the treacherous Bering Sea.

In the far northern reaches of the planet a rare breed of extreme Fishermen still ply the Bering Sea. Adventure is their call, crab is their prey, and a one hundred million dollar plunder is their reward.. Five skippers and their crews will endure boat killing storms and mind numbing working conditions -risking it all on the hunt for crab. In the end, they will all come to the realization that the most violent storms come from within. Northwestern Captain Sig Hansen, a 30-year veteran and a third generation fisherman, will match skills against his old rivals, Phil Harris of the Cornelia Marie, the Hillstrand brothers of the Time Bandit, and Captain Keith Colburn of the Wizard. Joining the fray is Legendary Skipper, Wild Bill and his crew on the F/V Kodiak. Back in the saddle after a five-year absence, Bill will have to find his bearings in a radically changed crab fleet.

This year, there's a fracture in the Bering Sea brotherhood. Old allies become mortal enemies when fishing turns personal. While some skippers rage against each other - another skipper fights a lone battle to stay alive. The Bering Sea has a way of turning young boys into hardened men before this season is through, terrible tragedy will alter two young lives forever. Forty-foot waves, hurricane force winds, heavy-machinery, and sleep deprivation are just a few reasons the injury rate is one hundred percent. Last season, eight men lost their lives to the Bering Sea. This year, catastrophe strikes at the heart of one of our featured boats.

Buy an exclusive Deadliest Catch Season 6 DVD set and see why this smash hit series keeps millions coming back for more commercial fishing adventures on a dangerous Bering Sea.

Episode 1- Slow Burn: In an exclusive Deadliest Catch Season 6 DVD set, the 2009 King crab season begins with tensions at an all time high. On the Cornelia Marie, Josh and Jake Harris continue to let family melees affect their professional relationship. The Time Bandit boys feel violated when another skipper attempts to poach their deckhands. In a Deadliest Catch DVDs set The F/V Kodiak enters the fray with a Skipper trying to get his bearings after a five -year respite. When the captains gather for their annual meeting, a line is crossed. The Bering Sea doesn't seem to be the only threat to the fisherman this year. But, by the end of the first week of fishing, one vessel will be lost.

Episode 2- Breaking 'Em In: of the Deadliest Catch Season 6 DVD set It's week two of King season and a storm looms as the fleet hauls their first crab. Jake Harris and Jake Anderson must live up to their own hype as they are tested on unfamiliar boats. Johnathan Hillstrand gambles on his usual hot spot - and prays that lightening can strike for a third year in a Rowe. In these thrilling, Deadliest Catch DVDs, a tough guy greenhorn on the Wizard is humbled by the brutal work of being a crabber. On the Northwestern, Skipper Sig fumes about his insubordinate deck boss - and brother. While on the Kodiak, bad crab put the Skipper in a bad mood and a mouthy deckhand gets the brunt of his wrath.

Episode 3- Sea Tested: It's the third week of hunting King crab and Skipper Phil and Skipper Sig's experiment in trading their junior deckhands is coming to a close. Young Jake Anderson and Jake Harris are tested by hard grinds, big weather and cruel pranks until the end. Jake Anderson thrives in his new environment and contemplates a permanent change while Jake Harris can't wait to get back to his Dad and the Cornelia Marie. On the Kodiak a new skipper is tested by the difficulty of the hunt. And on the Wizard, a veteran skipper rages out when his authority is tested by his brother and his crew.

Episode 4- Bering Sea Swim Club: Skipper Sig and Skipper Phil liaison to reclaim their junior deckhands in a high seas transfer. But when the young crew members submerge themselves in the bitter, treacherous tides - the plan quickly spins out of control. On the Northwestern, the sight of Jake Anderson in the water stirs agonizing memories of a recent drowning for Nick Mavar. Skipper Keith tries to quell his own demons by settling a feud. The Time Bandit is in crisis as the crew fights to keep their vessel from sinking. And at the docks, one deckhand pays dearly for the Kodiak's poor season - losing his berth on the boat.

Episode 5- Arctic Quest: It's week five of the King Crab season. A monster storm stands between the Time Bandit and their final offload. While on the Northwestern, a maniacal Skipper heads into arctic seas to hunt down the fabled blue King crab-one of the planet's most elusive. With bitter, stormy conditions- and the nearest Coast Guard station more than twenty-four hours away-the Northwestern deckhands question their Captain's ambitions. On the Cornelia Marie, deckhand, Jake Harris, also challenges the Skipper's authority. A raging tirade-and an ultimatum-is his father's response.

Episode 6- False Pass: A white knuckle, boat-crippling passage stands between the Time Bandit and their final offload. Feared throughout the Bering sea, for it's 20 foot breaking waves and shallow waters rife with sand bars False Pass, connects the Bering Sea with King Cove, a crab offloading spot south of the Aleutians. Despite warnings from other skippers, Johnathan Hillstrand decides to brave the pass in a storm and nearly sinks his boat with all on board. Meanwhile 400 hundred miles to the north, a maniacal Captain Sig risks crew mutiny to hunt down the fabled blue crab an elusive species. The Cornelia Marie loses power in raging weather. His circulation pump to the crab tank shuts down risking an entire seasons worth of King crab. On the Wizard, the greenhorn makes it through the season but his surly ways do not win him any allies with his fellow deckhands. By the end of King Season, every crew that makes it into port deserves every penny.

Episode 7- When Hell Freezes Over: The season begins with Captain Phil Harris dealing with massive repairs caused by running the Cornelia Marie into a reef. The delay to his fishing trip has the skipper rife with anxiety. On the Northwestern, the crew throws Edgar a birthday party that reminds everyone that crab fishing is a young man's game and Edgar's body is getting older fast. Skipper Sig questions how many more brutal opilio crab seasons his brother has in him. The captain promises to go easy on Edgar a promise that is tested on the very first string of pots, set in violent weather. On the Time Bandit, Captain Andy hustles to drop his gear in an ice storm while his new greenhorn deals with a devastating bout of seasickness. By the end of the first day on the crab grounds most of the fleet is covered with heavy plates of boat killing ice. For the Skippers and crews it's a brutal race to bash off the ice, and dump pots before their boats capsize.

Episode 8- We're Not In Kansas Anymore"¦ Days of ice bashing has the entire fleet beaten and bruised. On the Northwestern, the exhausted crew struggles to keep up with Captain Sig's maniacal pace - and their youngest deckhand, Jake Anderson, pays the price in blood. Now, the once sturdy, five-man deck is handicapped - and the season has barely started. On the Cornelia Marie, the pot stack has turned into a Mount Everest of ice - and the crew works in bitter temperatures to get the gear off and stabilize the boat. Up in the wheelhouse, the long shifts has skipper Phil Harris's back in excruciating pain. On the Time Bandit, the greenhorn battles crippling seasickness - with little sympathy from his crew mates. On the Wizard, the greenhorn experiences shock and awe at the amount of brutal work involved with crab fishing and is told simply, "you're not in Kansas anymore."

Episode 9- Glory Days: The Cornelia Marie gambles on the Bering Sea's most difficult fishing grounds. Phil Harris will have to drop his gear in a precise pattern in hopes of reliving his glory days. A sudden ice storm, sends the Time Bandit into crisis mode. The ice-laden pots cause the boat to dangerously list. If the crew can't get the pots off fast the boat could sink. Meanwhile, a distress called is issued when a man on a nearby vessel suffers a heart attack. The Coast Guard must attempt a rescue in huge seas and 30-knot winds, with low fuel, and low visibility. The victim must be immediately airlifted to a hospital but when the rescue swimmer nearly swings into the mast, the Coast Guard must consider abandoning the mission.

Episode 10- The Darkened Seas: The Coast Guard makes a second attempt to rescue a fisherman in cardiac distress. While being lowered to the pitching deck, high winds threaten to hurl the rescue swimmer into the mast. The Time Bandit is hauling huge crab numbers until heavy falling ice chunks turn the deck into a war zone. By the end of the day, a favorite deckhand is a casualty. On the Cornelia Marie, Skipper Phil is also hauling record crab. But the captain's good mood turns dark when his youngest son reveals a dark secret.

Episode 11- Blown Off Course: Captain Johnathan leaves the Time Bandit for warmer waters. On the Cornelia Marie, a skipper pays a heavy price for his hard living ways. On the Northwestern, a phone call home brings heartache to Jake Anderson as he learns disturbing details about his father's disappearance.

Episode 12- Empty Throne: Skipper Phil Harris becomes critically ill in remote St. Paul Harbor and has to be flown by airborne EMTs to a hospital in Anchorage. Son Jake remains by his side while his other son, Josh, stays behind to watch over the boat. Josh is torn. Does he stay to catch the rest of their crab quota? Or rush to his Dad's bedside before it's too late? On the Time Bandit, Andy trains a potential successor to the Captain's chair while the rest of the crew looks on jealously. On the Kodiak, Captain Bill Wichrowski grants his crew a night at the bars while offloading in town. The Skipper regrets his generosity when a deckhand gets wasted and can't work the next day.

Episode 13- Cain and Abel: As the fleet struggles through their mid-season grinds, Captains turn on deckhands and deckhands turn on each other. On land, Skipper Phil battles for his life while his sons tear each other apart. On the Wizard, Captain Keith is stuck in a maze of ice, praying to God that his northern gear is safe. On the Time Bandit, Mike Fourtner is faltering on deck. His crew mates are tearing him apart and Captain Andy is questioning his decision about his potential heir. Captain Sig's endless false promises on the Northwestern has little brother Edgar on the brink of quitting.

Episode 14- Redemption Day: On the Time Bandit, Scott sees fellow deckhand Mike as a threat to his birthright and steps up to prove that he is a worthy contender. Skipper Andy watches, displeased, as his deck begins to disintegrate under the competition. Desperate to leave his post on deck, Edgar Hansen decides to train his greenest deckhand, Jake Anderson, on the hydros a move that could derail the efficient well-oiled deck routine on the Northwestern. On the Kodiak, Captain Bill is fed up with Clint and gets on the horn to look for a replacement deckhand. Meanwhile, Mother Nature unleashes an epic storm on the fleet while Phil Harris fights a battle for his life.

Episode 15 - Valhalla: Captain Phil Harris loses his battle for life while the boats battle a huge storm. The skippers are unaware of Phil's sad passing and are concentrating on filling their tanks before the end of the season. On the Wizard, Lynn Guitard loses focus on the stack and Captain Keith loses his patience and rages out on him. On the Time Bandit, the once sea-sick greenhorn now faces a battle with homesickness and finds no sympathy from the crew. Skipper Bill plies the Kodiak through icy, foggy waters in the northern reaches of the crab ground when his deck boss, Adam, loses control of the crane. A pot swings wildly and crewmen run for their lives. The episode ends with the boats finding out about Phil's passing and holding memorials for their fallen brother on the high seas crabber style.

Episode 16 - Endless: Tension runs high on the Northwestern. Edgar Hansen is fed up with the 22 year marathon of pain, and confronts older brother, Sig. Lynn Guitard has been faltering on deck, he only has this last set to prove to Captain Keith that he has 'lifer' potential. On the Kodiak, Captain Bill has run the gamut of a poor fishing season. But now, with a calculated gamble fishing near the ice pack and new crew members will the once 'wild' captain be able to recapture his glory days? The future of the Time Bandit has been uncertain. With prospects of possible successors coming up short will Andy and Johnathan be able to retire? Finally, Josh Harris returns to the Cornelia Marie but nothing will ever be the same.


Ep. 1- F/V Time Bandit and her salty crew:. They tell it all, from John and Keith's fight to who will take over the helm of this legendary crab boat. The fishermen learn how to shuck oysters, and then, naturally, have an eating contest. The captains use a Voodoo ceremony to quell bad blood, and listen to a classic New Orleans live band.

Ep. 2- The Northwestern: Captains and crew discuss this season aboard the F/V Northwestern. The tension between Sig and Edgar is close to boiling over and the Jakes relive their boat swapping experience. The captains get down and dirty on a gator farm before trying their hands at bowfishing. Live music and some dancing onlookers keep the table entertained.

Ep. 3- The Wizard: The F/V Wizard is the center of attention in this third hour of After The Catch. Captain Keith goes fishing New Orleans style and dishes on his boat's bad run in the greenhorn department. Speaking of dishes, an early morning gumbo lesson quickly turns into an all Deadliest Chef battle. Tune in to see who will win the war of the gumbos.

Ep. 4- The Fleet: Captain Bill Wichowski joins the Captains at the After The Catch table to talk about his tough return to crabbing. Russell Newberry and Freddy Maugatai also join the fray. The captains go craw fishing and continue to enjoy live music in between discussions of New Orleans. The Fleet explores the devastation of Katrina, and the havoc of the recent oil spill off the coast.

Ep. 5- The Good Captain Phil: After The Catch pays tribute to legendary fisherman, Captain Phil Harris. Joined by Phil's family and friends, the Captains reminisce and honor their long time friend. In this touching hour, Phil's life at sea is remembered fondly by cast and crew. The show closes with a traditional New Orleans funeral parade honoring Phil's memory.

BEHIND THE SCENES FROM SEASON 6: A crab boat is a set with an unstable stage, man crushing props, unpredictable scenery, and no script. A Deadliest Catch cameraman faces every grueling second with his subjects. In this behind the scenes special, a cameraman battles life-threatening seasickness, while another is forced to produce the story of his life. This season, one captain's death blurs the line between documentarian and subject.


In this special episode, the Cash Cab picks up the Alaskan crab boat captains and crew from Deadliest Catch. Watch as they try to haul in as much cash as they can for their favorite charities.

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