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The Atlas 4D DVD is a fascinating look at the 3,500 miles of East Africa's Great Rift Valley. The valley is widely know to have affected phenomenon such as why flamingos are pink, the creation of the huge Serengeti plains and the evolution of man from distant ancestors. An Atlas Great Rift Valley DVD also delves into a more recent version of man and sadly how the Rift Valley will one day reach a cataclysmic conclusion.

The Great Rift Valley Atlas 4D DVD explores East Africa's Great Rift Valley. Stretching through thirty five hundred miles of East Africa, from Ethiopia to Mozambique, the Great Rift forms the world's largest system of geological faults. The Rift Valley is so vast it can be seen from space. From its beginnings 35 million years ago, the Great Rift Valley transformed the landscape. And in the Atlas Great Rift Valley DVD, this geological upheaval made some of the iconic East African wildlife what it is today.

The scientists of the Atlas 4D DVD travel through time to reveal surprising connections. How flamingos are pink because they live in the strange, volcanic lakes created by the Rift. How a variety of fish species were forced to evolve odd eating habits because of changes in the ancient 'Great Lakes'. And an Atlas Great Rift Valley DVD, explains when the Great Rift formed, it created the huge Serengeti plains, which hosts one of nature's most impressive spectacles — The Great Migration.

The Atlas 4D DVD will take you back through time to witness the evolution of another species — us. Human beings evolved because changes in climate and landscape here forced our distant ancestors to get down from the trees and walk upright on two legs. Fast forward to the present day and the connection of landscape to the people becomes clearer: Nomadic Tribes such as the Massai; the tough Afar people who mine one of the Rift's treasures; the Hadza who hunt and gather their food daily. In the East Africa DVD, see how even Nairobi's city dwellers rely on the volcanic forces that created the Rift in the first place. But ultimately, this will be a tale of destruction, because the Rift Valley will one day reach a cataclysmic conclusion.

Shop for the Atlas 4D DVD for a captivating look at the Great Rift Valley and how it affects the environment, past and present.
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