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The Fabulous Beekman Boys DVD

The Fabulous Beekman Boys DVD

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  • Format: DVD
  • Rating: Not Rated
  • Number of Discs: 1
  • Run Time: 220 Minutes
  • Region: 1 Region?
  • Aspect Ratio: 1.33:1
  • Language: English
  • Studio: Planet Green
  • DVD Release Date: May 31, 2011
  • Genre: TV Series

The Fabulous Beekman Boys Season 1 DVDs take you through some crazy adventures, as two city boys create an entirely new lifestyle for themselves. Going from city to country, Josh and Brent are busy launching an organic farm, hosting festivals, and creating fantastic weddings, all shared in the Fabulous Beekman Boys videos. With The Fabulous Beekman Boys DVDs, you laugh out loud as they learn about the animals, the farming, and becoming country boys.

The Fabulous Beekman Boys Season 1 DVDs show two men tired of the daily grind that comes with living in the Big Apple, cosmopolitan couple Josh and Brent decide to make a drastic change - launch their own organic lifestyle brand with the purchase of a farm in upstate New York.

Shop for The Fabulous Beekman Boys Season 1 DVDs, and watch in fascination as two city boys change their lives to begin an organic lifestyle and business.

Disc 1

1. When Pigs Fly: With Josh still living in the city to earn a paycheck and Brent living full time at the farm to launch their organic lifestyle brand, the couple tries to make the most of their weekends together on the farm. Brent and Josh welcome two new residents to their growing family as they bring home a pair of baby pigs who seem more than a bit reluctant to join the Beekman menagerie. Later, Josh asks Brent to come into the city for the first reading of his new book, but Brent says he's too busy with the business and Josh is left disappointed. Personal feelings are quickly put aside after Polka Spot, the llama, appears to have become ill after her feeding. Brent's calm doctor skills take over, while Josh sets off in a panic, only to later discover that the llama was simply sunning herself. Josh heads back to the city for the week and has a successful first reading of his book as he recounts the first time he met Brent's former boss, Martha Stewart. When Josh returns to the farm looking forward to a relaxing weekend, Brent has other plans in mind and immediately sets off to do work. Josh can't handle the fact that Brent has turned their weekend getaway into a business and Brent reminds Josh that they have committed to a year of sacrifice to get their company up and running. But Josh threatens that he'd rather not have a business at all if it means having to sacrifice their relationship in the process.

2. Beekmanpalooza: In order to bring attention and business to Sharon Springs, as well as to the burgeoning Beekman brand, Brent plans a Harvest Weekend. The 3-day event includes a garden party on the Beekman property, a harvest festival in the village and a feast at the American Hotel. Brent stresses out Josh and Farmer John, wanting to make sure everything will go off as perfectly planned and Josh laments that Brent has no idea how to throw a good party. The garden party goes off without a hitch, but the question of whether people will actually show up to the festival still looms. Josh exchanges his farming attire for an outfit more appropriate for debuting their new Beekman cheese at the harvest festival, while Brent frets about the poor attendance. Eventually, the crowds turn out and the festival is a success. At the harvest feast, Josh is dismayed when Brent announces he didn't get them reservations to the gourmet dinner, because he wanted to sell out all the tickets. Brent and Josh resort to eating a less-than farm fresh meal, but still find that the weekend was, in its own way, pretty perfect.

3. Unhappy Birthday: Josh heads home to the Beekman from NYC looking forward to his 40th birthday weekend on the farm. But because Brent has agreed to host the first-ever wedding at the Beekman, Josh's birthday is put on the back burner. Josh has a hard time accepting that the weekend won't be all about him and he freezes Brent out, but his anger is overshadowed by sympathy when the ominous weather threatens to ruin the bride's special day. Brent and Josh pitch in to help with the ceremony, and Josh confesses that his disappointment lies less in the fact that he didn't get a birthday party, and more in that another couple is getting married at the Beekman before themselves. In the end, the wedding goes off without a hitch and Brent gets back into Josh's good graces with a birthday present that truly takes Josh by surprise.

4. Suds & Studs: It's breeding season at Beekman Farm and the action in the barn is like nothing Brent and Josh have experienced before. While Farmer John tends to the goats, Brent finds himself overwhelmed with wrapping and packaging 14,000 bars of soap for a huge order with a looming deadline. With Josh at work in the city, Brent is left to take on the challenge himself, but soon finds he is in over his head. Only Josh and their friends in the village can step in to help save a stubborn Brent from his own soapy self-destruction.

5. Bringing Home the Bacon: An eventful week lies ahead when Brent gets an invitation from Martha Stewart to sample the Beekman cheese at one of her events in the city. Josh decides to stay at the farm and keep things running while Brent gives Martha her first taste of their cheese and anxiously awaits the verdict. But things on the farm are more difficult than usual when the guys are up against the hardest harvest they've ever faced - it is time for their beloved pigs to become dinner. An emotional decision lies before them, but one that makes them realize the true value of the food they put on their plate.

6. The Haunting of Beekman Farm: Josh and Brent have hit the halfway point in their "year of sacrifice," and Josh is having a hard time with their relationship falling by the wayside as Brent pours his attention into the business. A trip together into the city for a black tie event with Martha Stewart does nothing to calm Josh's anxiety about where Brent's priorities lie. But Josh's concerns are soon overshadowed by his fear of all things supernatural when Brent decides to hire ghost hunters to investigate their 200-year-old estate. When the results of the hunt come in, the boys realize the biggest thing to fear may just be that they aren't the only ones living at the Beekman after all.

7. Turkey a la Queens: It's Thanksgiving at Beekman Farm, and Brent and Josh's parents are not only arriving for a visit, but they'll be meeting one another for the first time. With a house full of in-laws, Brent's focus is on everyone having a good time, while all of Josh's attention goes into creating the perfect meal. Farmer John helps out with the harvesting of the Beekman turkey, but worries it isn't quite enough for the family and friends who will be in attendance at dinner. With judgmental parents, goats on the loose and a visit from the Sharon Spring fire department, if Brent and Josh can survive this holiday, it will truly give them something to be thankful for.

8. Three Men and a Baby Goat: It's winter at the Beekman, and Farmer John is saying goodbye to his herd of very pregnant goats and heading into the hospital for hip surgery. Josh and Brent offer to not only pitch in with the care of the animals while John is away, but also offer up Brent's services as a doctor to help nurse John back to health. It doesn't take more than one chaotic feeding session with the goats to make Josh and Brent realize that John needs to get better - fast! Farmer John checks into the Beekman for his recovery with a bit of apprehension over Brent acting as his caretaker for the week. Once Josh heads back to the city, it isn't long before Brent and John begin to butt heads and John quickly plans his escape. But when the goats begin to give birth and one of John's best goats is in danger, it's up to Brent and John to work together in hopes of a miraculous outcome.

9. Le Grand Fromage: Looking for a new way to expand their cheese business, Brent has enlisted Josh's cooking skills to land them a spot on the menu of top chef Jean-Georges' new restaurant, ABC Kitchen. With the pressure of not only cooking for a Michelin-star chef, but also to creatively use products from the farm, Josh's nerves begin to get the best of him. Brent pours his energy into making sure their chickens begin producing eggs in time for the big event, while Farmer John is even busier in the barn with more baby goats than he can possibly name. When it comes to audition time, Josh's culinary skills take over, but in the end, can the Beekman cheese really make the cut?

10. Trouble in Store: Spring has slowly but surely arrived at the Beekman, and while Josh can't wait to begin his gardening season, Brent has other plans in mind. Tired of his current setup, Brent has decided to relocate the Beekman 1802 business to a space on Main Street, and in the process, open up their very first retail store. Josh has his doubts that they can make time for such a commitment, and also worries about the impact of their business on others in the village. When a grand opening day is set and the store space not even close to ready, Brent and Josh are faced with the harsh reality of having to spend their 10-year anniversary apart from one another. Ultimately, the Beekman Boys must decide if their priorities lie with their business and farm, or with one another.

Disc 2

11. The Fabulous Beekman Boys Holiday Special: Brent and Josh welcome viewers into their home to share behind the scenes moments, never before seen footage (including some hilarious bloopers), their top 5 scenes from season one, and sneak peak of the upcoming season.

Deleted Scenes from most episodes are also included.

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