Man vs. Wild: Season 5 DVD

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  • Format: DVD
  • Rating: Not Rated
  • Number of Discs: 3
  • Run Time: 409 Minutes
  • Region: 1 Region?
  • Aspect Ratio: 1.33:1
  • Language: English
  • Studio: Discovery Comm
  • DVD Release Date: May 17, 2012
  • Subtitles: Subtitles: English SDH
The Man vs. Wild Season 5 DVD set rounds up eight thrilling episodes from another riveting year of one adventurer facing the harshest landscapes, animals, and weather conditions on Earth. Navy Commander and extreme outdoorsman Bear Grylls tries to outdo himself every season for his hit TV series Man vs. Wild, so we can learn how to survive in the wilderness and in the fifth blockbuster season, he nearly does himself in. In the Man vs. Wild DVDs from season five, Bear ends up being airlifted to a hospital after a test in the cold mountains goes terribly wrong.

In the Man vs. Wild Season 5 DVD set, adventurer Bear Grylls heads back into the wild for the 5th season of Man vs. Wild where he tackles extreme survival challenges in some of the most inhospitable places on earth. Bear goes from the extremes of Eastern Europe's frozen mountains to the searing humidity and crocodile-filled landscape of Northern Australia's Arnhem Land. In the Man vs. Wild DVDs from season five, Bear is marooned on a desert island in the Torres strait, south of Papua New Guinea. He must find food and water, before setting to sea. The setting may seem idyllic, but these waters are patrolled by deadly jellyfish, stingrays and sharks. And, in the Man vs. Wild videos, Season 5, Bear comes way too close for comfort with these ultimate predators. In special edition 'Fan Vs Wild', Bear leads two lucky fans on a 48-hour survival mission in the frozen Purcell mountains of Canada to test their nerves, their reflexes, and their stomachs. In the Man vs. Wild Season Five DVDs, Bear heads into the Canadian Rockies and then the Mojave Desert to face the elements at their worst, and test what they really do to the body. In Canada, Bear is buried alive in an avalanche to test how long can he survive, swims 30 feet under an ice pack, and weathers a blizzard in a snow cave. But, in the Man vs. Wild Season 5 DVD set, you'll learn that even the best laid plans can go awry. Bear is airlifted to the hospital when a glissade test goes horribly wrong. Once he's healed, Bear heads to the other extreme: the Mojave Desert. In the Man vs. Wild DVDs from season five you'll see that there, he finds out what it's like to be caught up in 48,000 gallons of flash flood, and then engulfed in a 90 mph sandstorm. But in the Man vs. Wild videos from Season 5, you'll discover that it's not all a chore for Bear. He makes a personal record: a HALO jump from 30,000 feet, so high he can see the curvatures of the Earth!

Shop for the Man vs. Wild Season 5 DVD set, and watch as intrepid adventurer Bear Grylls puts his survival skills and body to the ultimate test against nature, week after week.

Disc 1
Western Pacific: Adventurer Bear Grylls washes up on a dangerous desert island somewhere south of Papua New Guinea. Armed only with a stick, he crosses a shark-infested tidal channel and faces off against an angry 8 footer. Bear risks life and limb climbing crumbling volcanic cliffs and leaping over a 100 foot death drop. Desperate for food, the hunter becomes the hunted as Bear attempts to catch a shark with his bare hands. Constructing a windsurfer out of bamboo Bear sets off over wild ocean waves in search of rescue but will his makeshift vessel hold together long enough to get him out of the dangerous waters to safety.

Northern Australia: Adventurer Bear Grylls scrambles onto a wartime cargo plane and skydives into Australia's Northern Territory. Arnhemland is an enormous prehistoric landscape that covers 91,000 square kilometers and is the heartland of aboriginal culture. For 50,000 years, these hunters lived side by side with nature, developing extraordinary bushcraft to survive. And it's through this rich legacy that Bear demonstrates his skills to live in a place where the temperature rarely dips below 100 degrees, and 100,000 crocodiles sit firmly at the top of the food-chain.

Georgia-Eastern Europe: Adventurer Bear Grylls is in the snow-capped Caucasus Mountains in the Georgian Republic. To begin his journey, he drives a snowmobile out the back of a hovering helicopter. Bear's hunt for food turns up a rotten vulture egg. Using an old cableway, he zip-lines across a raging river and makes camp. He spends a sleepless night with only howling wolves for company. Bear trudges across the swampy wetlands of the Black Sea coast before building a reed raft and paddling to safety at an industrial port.

Extreme Desert: This week Bear shows you how to survive the Mojave Desert in a series of survival experiments. Tumbling out of a plane at 30,000 feet at minus 40 degrees, he lands on the desert floor where the temperature's 110. In searing heat Bear puts himself in the path of a hurricane force sandstorm then shows that camping in dry river bed can be the worst decision you can make, as he faces a huge flash flood; The impact sends him tumbling downstream, then shows that your reactions will never be quick enough to avoid the deadly bite of a Rattlesnake.

Disc 2
Canadian Rockies: Adventurer Bear Grylls and his team head into the Canadian Rockies to face the elements at their worst and see what they really do to the body. In Canada the team blasts a mountain, intentionally setting off a huge avalanche that will bury Bear alive in the snow. Cameras go inside the mound of snow with Bear to see what it's really like to be trapped inside and how long can he survive these suffocating conditions. But the agony doesn't end there. Bear battles hypothermia in the bone-chilling waters of a frozen lake when he swims 30 feet under a claustrophobic block of solid ice. Later Bear takes on 45 mph winds and must find shelter from the blizzard fast before frostbite sets in. Finally, even the best laid plans can go awry. Bear is airvac-ed to the hospital after a glissade at 45 mph down a snowy mountain goes horribly wrong.

Shooting Survival: Go behind the scenes of Man vs. Wild. Meet Bear's stalwart crew and follow along as they go to extremes to fearlessly -- and sometimes fumblingly -- film Bear trekking to the ends of the earth.

Fan vs. Wild: Bear takes fans into the Canadian wilderness on a life-changing adventure. Their journey begins with an unforgettable fast rope from a helicopter onto a 10,000 ft mountain peak. Their only way out is to rappel down an 80 ft sheer granite rock face. They slide through a snowfield before reaching a glacier, covered in a minefield of crevasses. Exhausted and hungry, they build a shelter and prepare and cook food bushman style. After a freezing cold night, the trio continue their journey: navigating a 300-ft waterfall, swamps, and raging glacial rivers. The fans will face their fears head on and put their hearts, backs, and stomachs to the test.

Behind the Wild: This episode is a rare glimpse of life behind the scenes in Man V Wild. Whether he's skydiving, climbing sheer cliffs or crossing shark infested waters, everywhere Bear goes a dedicated camera team follow. This episode introduces you to them and shows how they go about filming Bear surviving in the most hostile environments on Earth.

Disc 3
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