It's Me or the Dog: Season 2 DVD

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It's Me or the Dog: Season 2 DVD

From unruly hounds to pampered poodles, dog trainer Victoria Stilwell has seen them all - but what about the owners who are forced to live with them? With homes destroyed and marriages in trouble, it's not just the dogs that need help. This series follows Victoria Stilwell as she tries to restore harmony in homes where the pet is running riot and the family is in the dog house. Through observation, interviews and secret filming with a 'pet cam', Victoria uses her 10 years of experience to assemble the evidence and diagnose the problem. A clear practical training program follows, offering both pet and owner the chance to change the bad habits of a lifetime. Filmed in the United Kingdom, this series gives owners easy to follow hands-on advice.

Ep. 1) Nervous Newlyweds – Victoria Stilwell arrives to help newlyweds Michael and Hana with their two nervous dogs, five year-old rat terrier, Cookie Dough, and two year-old Doberman, Daisy. Michael surprised Hana with guard-dog Daisy two years ago after purchasing her from a back-yard breeder. But ever since he brought her home, Daisy's anxious behavior has been scaring away friends and family instead of intruders! Taking the lead from Daisy, Cookie has turned into a monster as well. The fearful behavior doesn't stop at the front door. Out on a walk, both dogs are constantly on edge, snapping, barking and lunging at passing neighbors and their dogs. Mealtimes are equally distressing for the couple. Cookie wolfs down her dinner so fast that she chokes, while Daisy only picks at her food. Add in Cookie's bizarre hatred for the vacuum cleaner and both dogs' disgusting habit of eating cat poop, and it is no wonder Michael and Hana are at their wits end. With their first anniversary fast approaching, the couple wants to host a party at their home. Can Victoria soothe Daisy and Cookie's fears before the big day arrives? Or will these anxious dogs unsettle their party plans?

Ep. 2) Eight is Enough – Victoria Stilwell comes to the rescue of Jeff and Melissa Spinner, whose home has been over-run by their eight rescue dogs. Melissa has a real soft spot in her heart for strays. Any homeless canine she comes across, she takes in with enthusiasm. Less enthusiastic is her husband, Jeff. He's told Melissa time and again, "NO MORE DOGS" - but she's completely ignored his pleas. Now, between the frenzied feeding times, walking, and cleaning up after eight dogs, Melissa and Jeff 's days are consumed by chaos. Jeff has professional training as a chef but can't even fix himself a snack in his own kitchen. Between the dogs being underfoot and even jumping up on the stove and turning on the gas, Jeff is afraid one of them will end up hurt. Not only has Jeff been deprived of his kitchen, he's also second fiddle in the bedroom. Melissa invites as many dogs as she can fit onto the bed at night, while Jeff is left to fend for whatever space he can get. Amidst all the mayhem, Shepherd-mix Sylvester is suffering from anxiety, so much so that he runs and hides when Melissa pulls out his leash for a walk! With no other way to get out his energy, Sylvester has taken to chewing the furniture instead, including the couple's once-beautiful leather sofa. Can Victoria to get this couple to compromise and get their household in order? Or will eight be enough to tear their family apart?

Ep. 3) The Berry Bunch - Victoria faces a difficult challenge when she meets the Berry's, a recently blended family at odds over their nine dogs. Rosie moved into Erik's home a few months ago, bringing with her a 5 year-old son, Jonathan and two shepherd mixes, Sammy and Pippi. Erik on the other hand, already had a full house with his two daughters, one friend and 6 six dogs of his own. Three grown Dachshunds, Oscar, Fatty, and Koo Koo Bird, and three brand new Dachshund puppies. Adding to the confusion, Erik's teenage daughter Kim, recently rescued another dog, Cocker Spaniel, Toby. Now, with nine dogs and six people all living under one roof, the situation has gotten out of control. Between the dogs peeing and pooping all over the house, infrequent walks, non-existent feeding schedule and outrageous aggression - the family is at a breaking point. Rosie contends that Sammy and Pippi are learning their bad behavior from Erik's dogs, while Erik blames Kim for adding Toby to the mix and disrupting the schedule he had in place. At the same time, Kim points the finger at Rosie and her Dad, claiming they aren't doing enough to take care of the dogs. Meanwhile, Dachshund Oscar's aggression has become a serious liability. He's already bitten more than ten people and even drawn blood from one of Kim's friends. Rosie refuses to allow Johnnie's friends to visit for fear they may be attacked. With the family divided and nine dogs running riot, Victoria has a huge task ahead of her. Can she get this quarrelling family to cooperate? Or will the divide be too great to conquer?

Ep. 4) House of Horror - Victoria Stilwell gets caught in the battle between four roommates at each other's throats over their dogs. Four young ladies living together in a gorgeous house by the beach should be a breeze, but that's not the case for Jessie, Susan, Sara and Stephanie. These girls are far from living the high life - the dogs pee and poop everywhere, the house is a filthy mess and their once close friendships are in ruins Susan is the only roommate without a dog and she's at her wits end. Her furniture has been ruined and she is constantly finding messes around the house - on the floor, the patio and even the walls! She's afraid to let the landlord visit for fear of being evicted. Despite her constant protests, her roommates are too lazy or too busy to clean it up after their own dogs. Besides the mess several of the dogs have their own issues. Sara's two year old Miniature Pinscher, Nibby, is aggressive and has bitten several of the roommates and their friends. Adding to the tension in the house is her new puppy Maiden, a Chihuahua and Miniature Pinscher mix that is a bundle of energy and has absolutely no training. Stephanie's one year old Yorkie, Bailey, and Jessie's two year old Chihuahua, Lucas, are in constant competition, marking all over the house. With all the girls constantly bickering, not to mention the filthy mess left by the dogs, the atmosphere in the household has become toxic. Will Victoria be able to clear the air, or has too much damage been done?

Ep. 5) Tiny Tyrant – Victoria Stilwell meets Melissa Rosenson and Tony Blanca, a young couple who have been struggling with their vicious Pekingese, Princess, for the last 6 years. Princess has been a handful since the first day Melissa adopted her from a rescue center. She's bitten both Melissa and Tony countless times, and has a history of vicious attacks against dogs and children. One incident with Tony's 2-year-old niece left the toddler in the emergency room. Afterward, Tony's sister Christina insisted that they put Princess down, but Melissa refused, and their relationship has never recovered. Since that time, Princess' behavior has steadily gotten worse. She's incredibly food aggressive and attacks the couple's other dog, 14 year old Rocky, on a daily basis. One particularly bad scuffle prompted Tony's brother to kick Princess across the room in order to break the dogs apart! Her injuries were so severe that her right eye had to be surgically removed. Melissa and Tony have tried dominance training, even keeping a choke collar on Princess twenty-four hours a day. But their harsh corrections have only escalated Princess' aggression. Now they can't pick her up or even touch her without risking her snapping. After years of living in fear of her dog, Melissa is desperate for help. Tony insists that both dogs belong to her and are therefore her problem. Melissa wants Tony to step up, but she's also worried his militant - style training could injure Princess even further. Can Victoria use the power of positive training to undo the years of damage Tony and Melissa have inflicted? Will Princess hand over the reigns of power? Or will the tiny tyrant get the last bite?

Ep. 6) Great Dane Devotion –Newlyweds Josh and Ashley Fort adopted two Great Danes, Jackson and Henry, almost as soon as they returned from their honeymoon. As the dogs steadily grew more and more out of control, it became apparent that they were in over their heads! Their problems were compounded a few months later, when Ashley decided to add another Dane, Charlotte, to the mix. Now their three enormous and uncontrollable dogs have completely taken over their lives! Making matters worse is Ashley's over the top devotion to the dogs. She spends so much time making sure they have everything they could ever want that she neglects herself, her work and her husband. She insists on cooking homemade meals for the Danes every single day and has recruited Josh to cook up 10 pounds of ground beef for the dogs each week! With so much time wrapped up in caring for the dogs, Ashley and Josh rarely have time for each other. Ashley also refuses to leave the dogs alone and brings them everywhere she goes. But having three huge dogs in her SUV has proven extremely dangerous - as they bark non-stop at passing cars and pedestrians and try to wrestle their way through the barrier into the front seat. Still, Ashley sees no alternative, as the dogs would "miss her" if she ever left them. But by far the worst problem for the couple is the situation at work. Because Ashley will not leave the dogs at home, they go to work each and every day with the couple. Ashley's father, also their boss, was accommodating to the dogs at first. But now, with the dogs running riot, scaring off employees, and hurting the business, Ashley's father says, "No more!" He's ready to "retire" his daughter if she cannot get the dogs under control. Despite the serious financial strain that would cause for her family, Ashley is willing to lose her job rather than leave the dogs alone. Will Victoria tame three Great Danes in time to save Ashley's job and her marriage? Will Ashley be willing to take a step back? Or will her extreme devotion sabotage Victoria's efforts?

Ep. 7) Dangerous Territory – Victoria Stilwell comes to the rescue of Cameron and Cortes, best friends and new roommates who have found themselves living in fear of Cortes' 3 year-old Yorkshire Terrier, Nekko. Cortes admits he chose Nekko from the breeder because he was the dog "with the most personality." But almost as soon as he brought him home, Nekko's "personality" became a problem. Nekko's issues reached a fever pitch when Cameron and his 3 year-old Cockapoo Toby moved into the house. Since that time, Nekko's aggressive guarding behavior has Cameron walking on eggshells day and night. Above all, Nekko is fiercely territorial, guarding his resources with his life. Unfortunately for Cameron, those resources include Nekko's bed, his crate, the hallway, Cortes' room, and the living room sofa. That leaves little room for Cameron to move around the house without risking an attack. With the un-ending stress of having Nekko in the house, and with his own dog, Toby, picking up on Nekko's bad habits, Cameron is at a breaking point. He's ready to move out if something doesn't change - soon. Meanwhile, Cortes admits he's at a loss as to how to deal with Nekko. He has absolutely no control and can do nothing but watch while Nekko terrorizes his roommate, their friends and their neighbors. Recently Nekko broke his leash while on a walk and ended up biting a passerby. After the authorities were called, Nekko was quarantined for two days. Cortes knows that if that happens again, it'll be curtains for his beloved companion. Can Victoria save Nekko from adding another bite to his record and ending up on death row? Can she salvage the remains to Cameron and Cortes' friendship? Or will Cortes lose both his best friend and his dog?

Ep. 8) Killer Instincts – From the outside, the Quinn Family may seem like they live the American Dream - a beautiful home, loving parents, and two well-behaved children. But once you pass the manicured lawn and step across the charming threshold, you find a frazzled family bedeviled by their violently aggressive Jack Russell Terrier, Buddy. Buddy already has plenty of blood on his paws - having attacked several dogs in the neighborhood, biting their 11 year-old daughter, and even killing the family's pet gerbil. Another person on Buddy's hit list is Victoria herself! Every time the family puts her show on the television, Buddy goes insane - barking, whining and attacking the screen. It's gotten so bad recently, that the family has given up watching TV altogether. Buddy is also making it impossible for the family to keep their beautiful house clean. Each time they bring out the broom to sweep the floors, Buddy clamps on with all his might and refuses to let go. At dinnertime, Buddy circles the table like a piranha, looking for any opportunity to jump up and steal a snack. Sean for the most part, finds Buddy's antics entertaining. He actually encourages Buddy to attack the sweeper and feeds him at the table behind his wife's back. Linda Kay, however, isn't laughing. She witnesses Buddy's aggression towards the neighborhood dogs on her daily walks, and she's terrified Buddy will either hurt someone else or be hurt himself if he picks a fight with the wrong dog. Can Victoria help Buddy control his killer instincts? Or has he already developed a taste for blood?

Ep. 9) Man vs. Manny – Judy and Louie have a soft spot for dogs. This once happily married couple has taken in rescues for years and they have always enjoyed the experience. That is, until Judy adopted a little miniature poodle name Manny. Since the moment Manny entered the home, he has disrupted every aspect of Judy and Louie's once peaceful life. He starts vicious fights with the couple's two Lhasa Apso's, Shayna and Butch and attacks Louie at every opportunity. Judy is fiercely defensive of Manny, and shields him from any kind of discipline Louie attempts to employ. In return, Manny protects Judy with his life, to the point where Louie cannot even approach his wife, let alone show affection, without Manny launching an assault. Louie can't even get into his own bed at night if Manny is around! Manny's behavior towards their friends and guests is hardly any better. Visitors are greeted by Manny's snapping teeth as they come through the door and sitting down to enjoy a little conversation has become impossible with Manny nipping at everyone's faces. With Manny's negative behavior for an example, now Shayna and Butch are beginning to display some worrying habits as well. Shayna has recently become aggressive towards other dogs and both dogs bark excessively at the front window whenever something passes by - whether it's a neighbor, a squirrel or simply a fly. Louie's attempts to work from his home office are often interrupted by the echoing racket the dogs cause and he's resorted to taking conference calls in the closet to avoid the noise. With Louie unable to work, sleep, or get close to his wife, it's no surprise that his relationship with Judy is at a breaking point. Louie thinks it’s time for Manny to find a new home, but Judy says that if Manny goes, she goes too!! Can Victoria put this possessive poodle in his place before he tears the whole family apart? Or will Judy have to make a choice between Manny and her man?

Ep. 10) Weathering the Storm – Dog trainer Victoria Stilwell is called in to rescue Gail White and JB Carmichael from their pair of problem Papillions. Gail and JB didn't realize what they had gotten into when they purchased their dogs, Fleetwood and Sunny. They believed they would be getting two easy to handle, mild mannered little lap dogs. But from the moment the dogs where brought home, Gail and JB's life was thrown into turmoil. Sunny's name belies her dark disposition. She's constantly on edge, barking, snapping and even biting one of Gail's sons as well as her niece! It's gotten so bad that Gail has completely given up visiting her family or having any guests at the house. She hasn't been to her own mother's house in over two years! While Sunny has no problem attacking dogs twice her size out on the street, she becomes paralyzed with fear when a thunderstorm strikes. Hours before the storm rolls in, Sunny becomes a quivering, whining mess and Gail and JB are at a loss as to how to handle it. The couple's second dog, Fleetwood, bolts out the door at any opportunity, and pays absolutely no attention to being called by his owners. JB's only chance of catching Fleetwood is when he stops to relieve himself. Gayle is terrified that Fleetwood's antics will get him into trouble, either with a roaming coyote or a passing car. Fleetwood's also in danger inside the house, where his chewing habits have cost the couple thousands in damage and veterinary bills. Meanwhile, Gayle's two sons, Hunter and Brandon are fed up with the chaos and noise the dogs have brought into their home. They can't have friends over for fear of Sunny biting, and they can't walk or cuddle with the dogs because Sunny and Fleetwood want nothing to do with either of them. Can Victoria help Sunny weather the storm and rebuild the bonds in this broken family?

Ep. 11) Florence and Fiona – Victoria Stilwell arrives at the Shields home to find an energetic Bichon Frise named Fiona, running rings around her owner Jessica and Jessica's 66 year old mother, Florence. Confined to a wheelchair for the past few years, and not a fan of pets in general, Florence finds Fiona's exuberance unbearable. The little bundle of energy steals food right out of Florence's hands, candy from her purse, and her stockings from the bedroom. Fiona has had no training, and doesn't listen to a word anyone says, so Florence can only watch helplessly as Fiona tears her home apart. At her mother's request, Fiona is confined to a tiny crate in Jessica's bedroom whenever Jessica is away at work, which is about 6 to 8 hours a day!! Needless to say, when Fiona is eventually let out, she runs wild throughout the house - jumping on furniture, knocking over expensive collectibles and generally wreaking havoc. Fiona's behavior has gotten so bad recently that Jessica's brother Todd thinks Fiona might be in danger. When he was a child, his own dog mysteriously disappeared and Todd has always suspected that his mother was to blame. While Florence continuously denies Todd's accusations, he is positive something sinister happened. With Florence and Fiona trapped together in the house all day long, it may only be a matter of time before Fiona disappears as well! Despite all the tension that Fiona has added to the household, Jessica is now thinking of bringing home another puppy! Will Victoria be able to help Florence see Fiona in a new light? Or will Jessica's beloved pup be gone before she can bring home her new friend?

Ep. 12) The Un-Adoptables –Expert Dog Trainer Victoria Stilwell faces her toughest challenge yet when she visits a no-kill animal shelter on the verge of collapse. The staff at the PAWS shelter of Atlanta has nothing but the best intentions, providing second chances at life for over 60 dogs that have been hurt, abused or abandoned by their owners. While these animals wait for their permanent homes, the shelter takes over their everyday care, medical needs, and basic training. But now, with the staff stretched to their limits, training has gone by the wayside - and many dogs with behavioral problems are on the verge of becoming unadoptable. Blue-eyed Jack Russell Terrier, Sinatra, is the type of dog that normally finds a permanent home within hours. But this troublesome pet has been stuck at PAWS for over seven months thanks to his impulsive behavior. He is what the staff refers to as a "boomerang dog"; having been adopted once and then returned to the shelter after tormenting his new owner's cat.Two year-old mixed breed Georgia is another long term resident at PAWS. She's been at the shelter for over four months and is so aggressive towards other dogs that she has been isolated from the shelter's other residents. When potential adopters witness her whining, barking and cage aggression, they quickly turn in the other direction.The stress of living in a shelter has been particularly hard on one year-old mixed breed, Lenny. In the four months he's lived at PAWS, Lenny has developed an obsessive-compulsive disorder that leads him to chase and chew his tail to point of bleeding. As far as the staff can tell, Lenny has never had any experience in a home environment and they question whether he could even handle living outside the shelter. As these "un-adoptables" linger in their kennels, the shelter has reached full capacity and can no longer take in new dogs that need their help. With the buildings falling into disrepair and donations drying up, PAWS needs to increase their turnover quickly or they may be forced to close their doors. It's up to Victoria to revitalize the shelter, re-instate a training program and pull the demoralized staff together before time runs out for these desperate dogs.

Ep. 13) Lazy Dog Days – Victoria Stilwell comes face to face with America's laziest dog owner, who's struggling with his three enormous Mastiffs. Chad Sanders had always dreamed of owning big dogs, but his wife Melissa was less enthusiastic. Despite Melissa's hesitations, Chad surprised her with one dog after the other, until she found herself cleaning up after not one, not two, but three enormous Mastiffs weighing a combined 500 pounds! Add into the mix the couple's 18 month-old daughter, Sara Cate, and you've got a recipe for trouble.The worst of the bunch is Roman, a two year-old puppy whose nervous disposition causes him to pee at the sight of any new person, leaving huge puddles for Melissa to mop up. Roman also hasn't been bathed in months, thanks to his colossal fear of water. Melissa and Chad find themselves apologizing for the awful "smell" whenever guests come to the door. Melissa wants Chad to make the effort and bathe Roman more often, but Chad admits, "Like everything else that's difficult, I just don't do it". Chad's laziness is particularly evident when it comes to walking the dogs. The two older dogs, Judge and Lucas, hardly ever get walked, and Roman has not been on a single walk in his entire life!! Chad only excuse is that walking the dogs would be "too difficult". But while Chad is negligent in the dogs' care, he goes overboard with his affection. His motto is "dogs are people too" and he pampers the Mastiffs endlessly, whether it's snacks from the dinner table or allowing all three dogs to sleep in bed with him. Melissa is sick and tired of cleaning up after three dogs she never wanted, and is fearful for little Sara's safety. Chad, however, doesn't see a problem, and thinks his wife and daughter will have to take a back seat to his beloved pups. Can Victoria manage three massive Mastiffs AND one lazy owner before it tears this family apart?

Ep. 14) Bulldog Battle – Victoria enters a Bulldog battle-ground when she meets the Odom family and their four dogs. Jennie and James thought they were doing the right thing when they adopted several new companions for their French Bulldog, Rufus. But as soon as Rufus spotted English Bulldog Jojo on his territory, Rufus went on the offensive. Now Jennie is faced with bloody brawls anytime time Rufus and Jojo are in each other's company, which is terrifying for the couple's 3 year old twin daughters and mentally and physically exhausting for Jennie. Making matters worse, Jennie's husband James only does the bare minimum to help, leaving Jennie to sort out the dogs on her own. Victoria becomes even more concerned when she learns that Jennie and James have plans to put their newest puppy, a Presa Canario name Wolfgang, through K-9 protection training. The Presa Canario is a powerful and sometimes deadly fighting breed, and Wolfgang has already begun to show some impulsive behavior that could be danger for the couple's daughters and other dogs. With Rufus and JoJo's feuds escalating and Wolfgang getting bigger by the day, it's up to Victoria to find a safe solution before the violence in this household spirals out of control.

Ep. 15) Three Pampered Pups – Dog trainer Victoria Stilwell encounters three of the most pampered dogs she has ever seen when she meets Heidi Vogulhuber and her three Maltese: Pumpkin, Tilly and Jillian. Heidi claims that she and her sister Bridget "share" ownership of the dogs. But Bridget says she never asked for, nor wanted, the responsibility of three dogs and spends as much time away from the house as possible. Heidi, by contrast, lives her entire life for her "girls", buying them closets full of clothes, pushing them in a stroller and carrying them like babies on her hip. Heidi loves that the dogs are completely attached to her, but Bridget thinks her sister's gone too far. With limited experience outside the house, the dogs have developed a variety of anxious behaviors. Pumpkin is absolutely terrified of wood floors AND stairs - which is a major problem in Heidi and Bridget's three-story townhouse with ALL wood floors. If Heidi puts her down on the floor without a mat, Pumpkin will freeze on the spot and start shaking uncontrollably. Tilly and Jillian have anxiety issues of their own, especially out on a walk. If the dogs come within sight of a storm drain, they will scramble away as fast as they can, dragging Heidi behind them. Heidi cannot fathom what has made her "girls" so afraid - but has resolved to avoid storm drains at all costs, and so rarely walks the dogs at all. The nervous behavior continues at home, with all the dogs erupting into a deafening chorus of barking at the slightest noise. The racket is driving Bridget up the wall and disrupting Heidi's at-home business. Despite all three dogs' worrying behavior, Heidi is desperate to make her oldest pup, Tilly, a therapy dog in the local rehabilitation center. She feels that Tilly would "put a smile on anyone's face". But the organization responsible for licensing therapy dogs felt otherwise. Tilly failed to pass the test on a variety of skills - leaving Heidi devastated. With Heidi's life becoming more and more about the dogs and less about her human relationships, Bridget's worried her sister has become obsessed. Can Victoria get Heidi to take a step back from her beloved "babies" before their anxiety gets out of hand?

Ep. 16) Living on the Edge – Single mom, Jennifer Shoenherz is doing her best to raise her two sons right. She recently asked her mom, Marietta, to move in to be full-time caretaker to her boys. While Marietta happily agreed to take care of her grandsons, Zach and Tyler's new puppy was not part of the bargain. One year-old Shepherd mix, Sammy is simply out of control. He has absolutely no boundaries and jumps, barks, and nips at everyone he comes across. Jennifer thinks Sammy just likes to play rough, but Marietta believes he's a serious danger to her grandsons. On more than one occasion, Sammy's rough play has resulted in serious scratches and he's even bitten to the point of drawing blood. Even Jennifer admits that she's uncomfortable having friends over to the house because she can never tell how Sammy may react. Fed up with Sammy's behavior, and unable to control him on her own, Marietta has opted to leave him on the back porch for the majority of the day. Unfortunately, Sammy's exile only aggravates his wild behavior when Jennifer gets home from work. The whole situation has become a constant source of tension in the household, with Jennifer refusing to set boundaries and Marietta threatening to leave if things don't change. With Sammy on the edge of turning into a serious threat, can Victoria rehabilitate his bad boy ways and help the family avoid catastrophe? Or has Sammy already past the point of no return?

Ep. 17) Double Trouble –Jack and Barbara Polish are in double trouble. On top of their twin ten year-old boys, the couple has two energetic, destructive, misbehaving Dobermans, Zeppelin and Berkeley, who are pushing them over the edge! Neither dog has had any kind of training, and Jack is the only person in the family strong enough to control them. But with Jack away at work during the day, a stressed-out Barbara is left to fend for herself, with the dogs bouncing off the walls, ignoring her every command, and chewing everything in their paths. Incapable of dealing with the constant chaos, Barbara's solution has been to lock the dogs up in a small den for up to eight hours during the day. While that has limited the destruction to one small room, it has only made the dogs even wilder during their free time. It is also extremely frustrating for Jack, who feels that the dogs should have free roam of the house. When they're not locked up in the den, the dogs do get a few minutes a day in the family's backyard. But with Dad shirking off his cleaning detail, the dogs' poop has been building up for months, making the backyard a minefield for the dogs and the twins, Sampson and Jordan. In fact, the entire family has simply abandoned the backyard altogether, taking the "out of sight, out of mind" approach. The twins are eager to help out with the dogs, but since Berkeley and Zeppelin outweigh them both, their parents won't allow them to take the dogs for a walk. It's a good thing too, because the dogs pull in every direction, making it difficult for even Jack to stay on his feet. As a result, walks have become few and far between. With Barbara growing increasingly frustrated, and the twins unable to help, the dogs are spending more and more time locked away in isolation. Can Victoria convince this family to take control before Berkeley and Zeppelin spend the rest of their lives in confinement?

Ep. 18) Feisty Females –There's an all-out war going on in Tiffaney Thompson and Sheena Best's home. The violent hatred between their two dogs, one year-old Yorkshire terrier, Nyla, and one year-old Daschund, Elly, has the couple living in fear. The daily battles are so ferocious, that both dogs end up scarred and covered in blood. Tiffaney and Sheena also have battle wounds from trying to pull Elly and Nyla apart. They are positive that if the fighting doesn't stop, sooner or later, one of the dogs is going to end up dead. Besides the vicious confrontations, Tiffaney is sick and tired of Sheena's constant babying of both Nyla and Elly. She's spent hundreds of dollars on dog beds and fancy collars, not to mention an entire wardrobe that Sheena changes several times a day. The dogs even wear pajamas to bed at night! Even worse, because neither dog is house trained, Sheena buys the dogs baby diapers to wear in the house, cutting each one a special hole for their tails to fit through. Tiffaney is so fed up with the chaos, she's insisting that Sheena put one of the dogs up for adoption. She's even threatened to move out if things don't change. But giving up either dog is not an option for Sheena. She'd rather see Tiffaney go than give up one of her "babies". With the aggression growing more and more out of control and Tiffaney and Sheena's relationship at stake, Victoria has to pull out all the stops to get these pint-sized pups to learn to live together in peace.

Ep. 19) Bully Breeds – Dog Trainer Victoria Stilwell meets Daniel Meola and his wife Randi Altman, who are caught in the middle of a Bully Breed battle. Up until last year, Daniel and Randi had a pretty good handle on their 2 year-old American Bulldog, Sasha. That's when Daniel decided to surprise Randi by adopting Mastiff mix, Digweed, as a Christmas present to the family. Needless to say, Randi was shocked, and the couple's American Bulldog, Sasha, was none too happy either. Since that time, Sasha and Digweed have been battling for the role of top dog in the home. Their daily scuffles are so loud and violent, Randi and Daniel have banished them to the garage for the majority of the day. It is a good thing too, because when the dogs are in the house, 7 year old Ethan and 10 month-old Chloe are in constant danger of being caught up in the their turf war.Sasha in particular is very competitive for Daniel's attention. She bullies Digweed left and right, growls at the kids, and even wheedles her way between Daniel and Randi when they try to snuggle up. Despite all that, little Ethan likes to taunt Sasha with his toy sword, almost daring her to attack, while Daniel and Randi stand idly by. On top of it all, and despite Sasha's feisty temperament, Daniel has it in mind to breed her so he can "continue her line". His first two attempts to breed her have been unsuccessful, but it’s only a matter of time before he'll have a litter of puppies to deal with as well. To keep the kids safe, Victoria will have to pull out all the stops and put an end to Sasha and Digweed's dangerous squabbling. Not only that, she'll have to shock some sense into Daniel and convince him to give up his plans to become an amateur breeder before its too late.

Ep. 20) Puppy Special -In a very special "Puppy" episode, expert trainer Victoria Stilwell helps two families facing two very different puppy predicaments. Elise surprised her boyfriend John by adopting a Rottweiler-mix puppy, Raven, a few months ago. John was unsure about having a dog in their small apartment,but Elise convinced him that she would happily take care of the puppy on her own. But in just a few short weeks, Raven has already grown to be more than Elise can handle. The most worrying behavior is Raven's "playful" nipping and mouthing, which started out as cute, but has quickly turned dangerous, even drawing blood on a few occasions. Elise and John's only form of discipline is to put Raven in her ridiculously small crate, where she now spends about 70% of her time. On top of that, Raven still isn't completely house trained and has accidents on a daily basis. These are exactly the problems the Thielens family is desperate to avoid. After promising their 11 year old daughter Maggie a puppy for the past 7 years, they've finally decided to take the plunge. But they admittedly don't know the first thing about how to choose, let alone raise a puppy. They haven't even begun the process yet and Mom, Katie, is already stressed. She can't even fathom how to manage a young dog with three kids, a cat, and a husband who is frequently out of town. With Raven growing bigger and more dangerous by the day and the Thielens at a loss as to where they should begin, Victoria with have to deal with double the trouble and pull double duty to make sure both these families and their puppies can live happily ever after.
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