Lost Tapes: Season 2 DVD

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  • Format: DVD
  • Rating: Not Rated
  • Number of Discs: 1
  • Region: 1 Region?
  • Aspect Ratio: Fullscreen
  • Language: English
  • Studio: Animal Planet
  • DVD Release Date: September 6, 2011
  • Genre: TV Series
Animal Planet Lost Tapes: Season 2

Lost Tapes fans can now get the entire second season when they order the Lost Tapes Season 2 DVD! This first-person, immersive series blurs the line between fact and fiction as it explores deadly encounters with the mysterious creatures that science refuses to recognize, and reveals facts about real-life insects and animals that have otherworldly biological and behavioral attributes. From werewolves and blood-sucking vampires to the legendary Jersey Devil, Lost Tapes second season promises nastier creatures and bigger scares with every spine-chilling, dramatic moment caught on camera. Take an intense journey into terror as we find out what goes bump in the night.

The following episodes are included on the DVD:

Werewolf. A young documentary director follows the search for an animalistic serial killer. When he is allowed to ride along with the lead detectives on the case, the discovery of a new suspect launches the investigation into a terrifying new direction.

Lizard Man. Beneath the city, an unknown horror slithers in the maze of the sewer system. An intrepid news crew follows two reluctant firemen underground to track down a family pet. But what they ultimately discover is a different creature entirely -- not human, not reptile, but a terrifying hybrid.

Death Crawler. An entomologist and her husband venture out in search of undiscovered insect species. When engine trouble leaves them stranded, their search is fulfilled -- in the form of a deadly new predator -- that stalks on 100 legs!

Vampire. A family renovating their new home soon discovers they are not alone. At first, they attribute the creepy noises and midnight scampering to raccoons. But what they discover instead is a secret room in the basement, a hidden lair inhabited by nocturnal beasts that feast on the blood of the living and have now been disturbed by their hosts!

Alien. A former astronaut is placed under psychiatric and medical observation after reporting strange ailments with no known medical cause. Are her symptoms psychosomatic, or has she returned to earth the unwitting host to an unknown life form?

Bear Lake Monster. The only thing more frightening than the creature lurking beneath the surface of Utah's Bear Lake is the same creature crawling on dry land! This nightmare materializes for a group of women gathered for a lakeside birthday party whose late-night swim leaves them running terrified from the water. But when the lake monster leaves its murky depths, there's nowhere left to run!

Southern Sasquatch. Deep in the bottomlands of rural Arkansas, a horrifying local legend comes to life. A city slicker joins his southern friends for his first deer hunt, but when their actions draw the attention of a ravenous creature that roams Boggy Creek, the real hunt begins.

Jersey Devil. A family returning from vacation hits an unidentified animal in the road. When they pull over, the family dog leaps out and, attempting to retrieve it, they eventually come upon a creepy abandoned house -- only to discover it is lair to the Jersey Devil. Their only hope is to make it through the woods back to their vehicle, while eluding a powerful winged creature that will stop at nothing to kill them.

Dover Demon. A group of mischievous hoaxers attempt to re-ignite the legend of the infamous Dover Demon -- the mysterious creature that first terrified residents of rural Massachusetts in 1977. The hoaxers venture deep into the woods with their costume and cameras only to fall prey to the very entity they intended to imitate...the actual Dover Demon!

White River Monster. Two good friends document their adventure as they explore the sport of catfish noodling. Unfortunately, their chosen location happens to be home to the White River Monster, an aquatic beast that cruises the fresh waters of northeastern Arkansas. A deadly error occurs when the fishermen injure one of the beast's offspring -- and the full fury of the creature is unleashed!

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