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Disc One:
I. Dirty Jobs x2 (Season 5) - #26121
Eps. 3 - Wetland Warrior: BLOODHOUNDS
Mike spends an evening in Wills Point, Texas, where he gets the chance to fill the shoes of a fugitive, running from a team of bloodhounds that are trained to search out and find people who try to escape from the long arm of the law. Given a head start, Mike runs away and into the sunset, hoping to outsmart the highly trained team of dogs that are soon to be on his trail. Mike inspects his surroundings and hides in the best spot he can find up in an oak tree. Mike's efforts in evading the search are futile, but the experience of being a fugitive on the run is sure to keep him in his best behavior from this point on.

Mike travels to the Florida Everglades where he spends a day combating non-native, invasive plant species in the area. Mike meets with all of the people involved in the day's work and then soon after he jumps into an airboat and heads out into the marshlands in search of malaleuca. Mike comes across a patch of the invasive trees and before he can get to work he first helps mix up an herbicide that is used to kill them. He puts the mix into small spray bottles and applies it to each tree in the patch. After Mike helps treat all of the trees in the patch, he moves on to help perform controlled burns on the marshlands. The crew loads back into the airboats but Barsky has difficulty getting himself back into the boat and requires a hand or two to help him on board. Before starting the controlled burn, he is given a safety briefing and a quick lesson on how to use the pyro-guns. Mike shoots projectiles from the pyro-shotgun as the airboat moves along, creating a fire line that burns a plot and aims to kill all of the small malaleuca embedded within the tall grass. Mike also gets to try his hand at creating the fire line with a pyro-pistol that shoots projectiles called sausages. He has his time with the pistol and when he turns it over to try another fireball, the pistol accidentally fires. Thankfully, everyone is ok but Mike is left with ringing ears. Finally, Mike learns how to properly deploy and enter a fire shelter while in the marsh.

Eps. 14 - Hair Fairy: LINEMAN
Mike climbs Jelm Mountain and surveys the high plains of Wyoming that spread out below. He observes a power line running up the mountain and explains that it runs 14,000 volts. These power lines will be the site of his dirty job. Mike meets with Dave Cuthbert and his hardy crew and learns that they will be replacing an old wooden power pole with a new metal one. First Mike wants to know if the power is shut off and is told that it is and that they'll use a backhoe to dig the hole for the new pole. A problem occurs when Doug discovers that a dead tree is blocking sunlight for his shooting. Doug's focus becomes removing the dead tree line and he begins to cut it with a chain saw. Mike climbs aboard the backhoe and digs a skinny 5-foot hole to sink the new pole into. He and his supervisor dig and dump the dirt. He learns that now he'll be climbing up the old wooden pole to ascertain that the power is off and to attach ground wires. First Mike has to suit up in protective climbing gear. He rigs himself in the climbing belts then tests the protective rubber gloves with a meter to check for leaks. Mike gets a lesson in pole climbing and then climbs with a crewmember up the pole. He takes a shotgun pole and touches the power line to determine that the line is dead and safe to work on. Mike attaches a grounding hook to the wire then adds grounding clamps from the neutral wire. He finishes this part of the job and climbs back down. Mike and the line crew lug the metal pole into place beside the hole where it will be erected. They pre-rig the pole with ridge pins and lugs before Mike guides the metal pole into the hole as the backhoe lifts it into place. Mike uses a plumb line to make sure the pole is straight. He struggles up the wooden pole again and at the top unties wires and unhooks the wire. It's time for Mike to scale the metal pole and he has to place 18 foot pegs into the pole as he and a crewman climb to the top. At the top, Mike pulls the top wire into the insulator and lifts the lower wire onto the neutral spool before dropping a needed rubber "dealie". Mike gets another one, secures it and wraps wire to insure that the wiring on the pole can endure high winds and icy winters. On the way down Mike removes the foot pegs. To finish the workday, Mike cranks up the chainsaw and fells the old wooden pole.

Mike is ready to do battle with hair lice and technician Kyle is his guide. First he learns what they look like on a card from the adults to the babies and the size of their eggs. Mike meets two people being treated for head lice and finds out how they contracted it. Mike uses a comb to begin a dry check in Madeline's hair. Then he sprays her hair with water and applies a cleanse cream to loosen the glue on any eggs in her hair. Kyle show's Mike how to comb the hair in five different directions with a lice comb and wipe it off on a white towel to look for eggs. They find some and compare them in size and shape. Mike begins work on Audrey and finds that she has many eggs along with adult bugs in her hair. Kyle warns Mike and the crew to keep their fingers away from their own hair and tells them not to scratch themselves. But in a moment of trying to get a closer shot of the lice, Barsky scratches his head and has to take drastic action by shaving all of his hair off.2. Deadliest Catch (Best of Season 6) Another grueling year on the Bering Sea forces the proud men of the fleet to consider their legacies, as trials and tragedies test the bonds between brothers and friends, fathers and sons. Tensions run high from the start of the 2009 King season, when a violation of the "Captain's Code" provokes a heated confrontation between two skippers. The strain continues on the Cornelia Marie and the Northwestern as battling brothers threaten deck morale. Frozen stacks and falling ice put every crew in danger at the beginning of the frigid 2010 Opilio season. Finally, after a lifetime of fishing takes the ultimate toll on an aging captain, the downtrodden fleet responds to loss the only way they know how: keep catching crab.

Disc Two:
I. Mythbusters x2 (Season 7) - #26103
Eps. 138 - Dive to Survive: On this Episode of MythBusters we lock, load and explode for two myths inspired by Hollywood hi-jinks.

First up Adam and Jamie plunge head first into a climactic cinema cliché. The Dive to Survive myth goes like this - our two heroes are trapped on a boat, and there's a bomb about to explode. So to escape certain death, they dive underwater, and after a huge blast resurface completely unharmed. But can leaping into water really save you from imminent annihilation?

To find out Adam and Jamie have a blast! Beginning in the bunker for a little MythBusters mayhem in miniature. But they soon find out that when it comes to explosions the bigger the boom the better the results.

Then their big bang theory takes them to their home away from home, the bomb range. There they find out the danger differential between a bomb in water and one in air. But the Mythbusters aren't going to be satisfied until they've properly tested the waters"¦ so cue the lake, the bomb shields and some deadly dynamite detonations!

Meanwhile Kari, Grant and Tory call for directory assistance in phonebook Freedom. This myth first made it big on a small-screen spy show, where to escape the bad guys, the good guys improvise some budget bullet proofing from phonebooks. Yep that's right phonebooks. According to this espionage escapade, putting one layer of phonebooks inside the doors will bullet-proof a car. But can you believe everything you see on TV?

Well there's only one way to find out, so the team head to the firing range armed with guns galore, car doors and of course the books. After an encouraging start, it's no surprise that the team are inspired to try and build a completely bullet-proof car using phonebooks.

In a feat of paper prowess the MythBusters design and build the worlds first phonebook armoured car. But can they balance the books between protecting the passengers and still get the car to move? To find out they break out the big, big guns and go ballistic!

Eps. 141 - Mythssion Control: On this Episode of MythBusters the fans take command in Mythssion Control.

First up it's Hyneman vs Newton. In a previous episode, Compact Compact, Jamie said that the force of two trucks crashing into each other at 50 mph was equivalent to one car crashing into a wall at 100 mph. But our eagle eyed physicist fans spotted a flaw in Jamie's reasoning; they say that in fact the crash would be more like one into a wall at 50 mph.

So that's exactly what Adam and Jamie set out to test in Crash Force. Starting with an ingenious small-scale experiment, they replicate the circumstances of the myth in true MythBusters fashion, without a car or wall in sight!

Then they decide to check Jamie's notion on Newtons 3rd law of motion, by testing the metal of actual automobiles. In a cacophony of car carnage the MythBusters drive this myth up the wall, not once but 3 times, as they crash, bash, and smash to put the Hyneman Hypothesis to the ultimate test.

Meanwhile Kari, Grant and Tory are back in the school of hard knocks, as they retest Knock your socks off. The last time they tested this myth, nothing they tried could separate Buster's leg wear from his feet, and then myth was down for the count. Or was it?

According to the fans, No. We received hundreds of emails telling us exactly what we got wrong; we used the wrong socks, we used the wrong kind of legs, we didn't use the correct punch, there was a huge list of changes that the fans said we should make to actually knock the socks off Buster. So now armed with an arsenal of fan suggestions the team are ready for a rematch.

Kari, Grant and Tory start by kicking their heels up with the first fan concern- the sock. They set out to find the perfect foot fashion for sock rocking. Then armed with the sock of least resistance it's round two of Buster vs the incredible punching robot.

Finally they finish this pugilistic puzzle by thinking outside the boxing ring. To ramp up this test, they keep on trucking, and call in some specialised help. So for the turbo-charged sock-knocking finale, this time, they're cruising for maximum bruising!

2. Man vs. Wild x2 (Season 5) - #26143

Eps. 2 - Bear's Top 25 Man Moments: Go inside Bear's Top 25 Man vs Wild moments.
Eps. 8 - Behind the Wild: This episode is a rare glimpse of life behind the scenes in Man V Wild. Whether he's skydiving, climbing sheer cliffs or crossing shark infested waters, everywhere Bear goes a dedicated camera team follow. This episode introduces you to them and shows how they go about filming Bear surviving in the most hostile environments on Earth.

Disc Three:
I. American Chopper x1 (Senior Vs Junior) - #56399
Eps. 4 - Meteorite Men Bike: The guys at OCC are tapped to build the ultimate meteorite hunting vehicle for the Science Channel"™s "˜Meteorite Men"™. Meanwhile Paul Jr. moves forward with his plans for his first solo bike build, a web themed bike that he claims will rival anything he"™s built in the past. Just as the parts for the new bike start rolling in, a tragic accident rocks Paul Jr. Designs to its core. As word quickly gets back to OCC, Sr. puts their differences aside and reaches out to Jr. and Mikey.

2. Dual Survival x1 (Season 1) - #26172
Eps. 7 "“ Swamped: Survival experts Cody Lundin and Dave Canterbury are in the heart of the Louisiana bayou to take on a potentially deadly scenario: lost in a 1,000 square mile labyrinth of water channels and bogs with an estimated 1.5 million alligators and six species of poisonous snakes including water moccasins. To make it out, Dave and Cody are equipped only with what a lost boater might have, including a knife, flashlight, backpack, cords and the most valuable asset of all - the boat itself. In a swamp filled with predators, the vessel will create a vital barrier during the escape. But without enough gasoline to run the motor, Dave and Cody must improvise. Weather is another factor in the Louisiana swamps. Dave and Cody must not only deal with heat but also torrential rain. Even in warm weather, getting wet in a survival situation is life-threatening. Just four hours in 80 degree water can lower core body temperature and kick off hypothermia. The two experts must endure the elements, find food and water and make their way to safety to show what it takes to survive the swamps of Louisiana.

3. Storm Chasers x1 (2010) - #26214
Eps. 2 - Why We Chase: The storm of the season is exploding across Mississippi, where trees, hills and heavy population combine to make the deadliest chasing environment in the country. Tracking another storm to the west, Sean and Tim anxiously await bad news as Reed, Joel and Chris alone drive overnight to chase the Mississippi monster. As they spot the 1.75 mile wide EF-4 tornado bearing down on the small town of Yazoo City, their epic chase turns into a race against time to save lives. This storm changes their lives forever.

4. Gold Rush Alaska x1 (Season 1) - #26223
Eps. 1 - No guts, No Glory: Todd Hoffman and his father Jack have hit hard times. They run a small aviation business in Sandy Oregon but it's not doing well and the planes have stopped landing. Todd and Jack aren't the kind of people to take problems lying down. Back in the 80's Jack used to be a gold miner. And with the price of gold going sky high, he's decided it's time to start digging again. He and Todd lease a gold claim called Porcupine Creek in South East Alaska. They recruit a band of unemployed friends to become rookie Gold Miners. The recession has hit the team too. Ex sheet-metal worker, Jim Thurber is about to lose his house. Realtor Jimmy Dorsey is so broke he lives with his mother in law. Mechanic James Harness has destroyed his back in a car wreck and needs money for surgery. Greg Remsburg's last construction job was a year ago. The team of mining greenhorns beg, borrow and build all the equipment they need to mine for gold. Loaded with supplies, they leave their loved ones behind and drive from Oregon to Alaska in a Klondike convoy. They have just five months to set up a gold mine and strike gold before winter closes them down. They face, bear attacks, flooding, constant breakdowns, infighting, fatal illness and many more adventures as they struggle to get down to the gold and save their families.

Disc Four:
I. River Monsters x2 (Season 3) - #130239
Eps. 1 - Flesh Ripper: Angler Jeremy Wade is on the trail of a mysterious man-eater described over two hundred years ago by a famous explorer. Is the eight-foot beast in question a mere legend, or could it be the same, flesh-and-blood creature that has attacked divers, seized a child, and devoured sheep alive? New Zealand's freshwaters have been a safe place for swimmers, yet as Jeremy finds out, its remote rivers and deep lakes provide refuge for an ancient and slippery predator that can stay hidden for more than a century. To flush one out, he must put himself on the menu.

Eps. 6 - Jungle Killer: TBD

2. Cake Boss x2 (Season 3) - #56286
Eps. 7 - Tournament of Knights & A Tasty Tiramisu: Buddy and his team travel back in time this week when they are asked to make a cake for the King of Medieval Times and Buddy is challenged to a joust. Buddy channels his father when he makes an old-school tiramisu cake for an Italian customer.Eps. 10 - 6-foot Sub Sandwich, Zeppoles & a Sick Mauro: There's a hero at the bakery this week and it's not Buddy, but rather a Six-Foot Hero Sandwich Cake for a local deli's 100th anniversary party. It's also Easter week so the team is swamped with cranking out all of the holiday favorites, including St. Joseph's zeppoles.

3. Sci-fi Science x1 (Season 2) - #129946
Eps. 12 - Shapeshifting Transformer: According to Hollywood evil robots are all around us, disguised as cars and trucks. But what the movies don't explain is what kind of mechanical power allows a Camero to stand up and move around like a human. Dr. Michio Kaku is on a quest to build a real life shapeshifting Transformer. On the way, he takes a ride in the amazing hydraulic cars of New York's 'Lunatic Low Riders' and explains the awesome power of a hydraulic smashing crane. At Pittsburgh Zoo, he gets an audience with Nature's greatest transformer- a color changing , shapeshifting fifty pound hunk of muscle that can squeeze itself through a hole the size of a quarter. Over at Carnegie Mellon, researchers are more impressed with the abilities of the snake. Their robotic serpent can adapt itself to any terrain as it searches for the survivors of disasters. Its modular design impresses Michio as he puts the finishing touches to his very own version of Optimus Prime.
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