Cake Boss: Season 4 - Volume 1 DVD

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Ep. 1) Circus, Celebrity Chef, & Surprise!: It's always a busy week at Carlo's as Buddy is asked to make a cake for The Greatest Show On Earth, complete with a "ring of fire" along with baking a special anniversary cake for celebrity chef Rachael Ray. But his biggest task will be to keep his surprise stork cake under wraps from his wife Lisa not to mention their pregnancy announcement from the whole Carlo crew!

Ep. 2) Shark Cake, Scooter, & Smelly Fish: Buddy takes the bakery gang to sea for a fishing adventure and gets the inspiration to make a lean mean killing machine shark cake for an old family friend's 35th anniversary of his charter boat company. Lisa's pregnant and smelly fish ain't no joke. It's Mauro and Madeline's birthdays and Buddy surprises them with a pink scooter and some great Italian memories.

Ep. 4) Hot Air Balloon Cake & Happy Little Bakers: It's "Make-A-Wish" week at Carlo's bakery! Buddy bakes with four little aspiring bakers, all suffering from a life-threatening illness, on their personal "Make-A-Wish" cake. And it doesn't stop there as Buddy plans to wow the foundation with a very special hot air balloon themed cake. Ep. 3) Toilets & Textiles: Buddy gets one of his hardest cakes yet - a request for a replica of a toilet that actually flushes! Later, Wendy, owner of the Denim Lounge, is having a baby shower and asks Buddy for an unusual baby shower cake.

Ep. 5) Ships, Sonograms, & Sister Drama: Buddy showcases pride in his Italian heritage by making a tribute cake for the Columbus Day Parade with a cake so big it needs a forklift to lift it! It's order filling chaos as Carlos deals with their first ever online holiday pie sales. Lisa and Buddy get her six month ultrasound, but will the news be okay? Mauro decides to begin the journey to become an American.

Ep. 6) Snow Globe, Story Book Cake, & a Scare: It's a busy week at Carlo's when Buddy is asked to make a special snow globe cake for a surprise engagement. But things prove to be difficult when he and the crew have trouble figuring out how to make it snow inside the globe. Meanwhile, Buddy's daughter Sophia's 2nd grade class is in for a treat when Buddy creates a special story book cake inspired by Sophia herself. Finally, Buddy gets a scary call when Lisa is rushed to the doctor's office due to early contractions.

Ep. 7) Pucks, Pastries, & Pushy Grace: Buddy tries working fewer hours at the bakery so he can spend time with Lisa and the new baby, but it's a challenge from the start as two hockey-loving boys want a full size arcade-style hockey table cake complete with moving figures that can actually be played. Meanwhile, Joey and Mauro experiment with a classic Italian cookie recipe. And later, Buddy has to handle Grace, who is into everybody's business again.

Ep. 8) Staten Island Chuck, Strange Oddities, & Sal: The Carlo crew designs a cake for "Staten Island Chuck," a groundhog that predicts spring by popping out of his hole. Meanwhile, Buddy makes a dream topsy-turvy cake for a client based off her favorite place in the world, Ripley's Believe It Or Not. Later, Momma comes home from Florida to finally meet her grandson and the famiglia pays tribute to Sal.

Ep. 9) Punches, Psychics, & Pastries: The bakery gets a surprise visit from WWE Champion Santino Morella as he shows off some trademark wrestling moves and orders a massive "Road to Wrestlemania" cake. Later, Buddy is asked to create a crystal ball cake for a psychic and gets a personal reading. And Grace has a zeppole meltdown when the pastries are not up to snuff.

Ep. 10) Designer, Deadlines, & Diagnosis: Fashion designer Isaac Mizrahi commissions Buddy to make seven fashion-inspired cakes that models will carry down the runway, but making the designer happy is anything but easy. Buddy checks on construction of the new factory at Lackawanna, and lays down the law when his contractors go over budget. After weeks of pain, Buddy visits the doctor and finds out he needs surgery.

Ep. 11) Tulips, Taxes, & Take It Easy: Buddy and Lisa visit the hospital when Buddy's doctor tells him "to take it easy" before his hernia operation. But back at the bakery, it's anything but as Buddy must create an 8-tiered flower cake for the Philadelphia Flower Show and later a life-sized accountant cake in celebration of tax season. Will Buddy go against his doctor's order and risk further injury to his hernia and himself?

Ep. 12) Second Anniversary, Surgery, & St. Patty's: It's St. Patty's week at Carlos! Buddy has been picked to be the honorary Grand Marshall of Hoboken's St. Patrick's Day parade, but his half-Irish brother-in-law Joey has issues with the selection. Later, a couple comes in with a highly-intricate Moroccan-themed cake for their second anniversary. But with Buddy away for his hernia surgery, will Mauro be able to lead the crew and deliver a cake up to the client's expectations?

Ep. 13) Space Shuttle, Stepping Up, & Surprise!: Buddy is making a cake out of this world -- a replica of the last space shuttle for NASA. And to make things more difficult, he promises that it will lift off just like the real thing! Back at the bakery, Buddy wants to update the Carlo's catalogue and window display and he's asking his baking team to step up to the plate by having a cake contest. It's also a way for him to gauge potential managers for his new factory in Lackawanna. Finally, it's Momma's birthday, and with all the changes going on around her, Buddy decides to create a cake just like they did back in the old days.

Ep. 14) Houses, Help, & Hitting the Road!: Buddy takes on one of his most difficult cake builds, creating a cake that must represent houses from around the world for Century 21's 40th anniversary. To add to the challenge, the cake must also feed over 4000 employees and travel over 2,500 miles to the event in Las Vegas.

Ep. 15) Headphones, Helicopters, & Handcuffed: Cousin Anthony is turning 21 and when he's not at the bakery baking, he's working on pursuing his other passion -- being a DJ. To celebrate Cousin Anthony's birthday, Buddy makes a surprise cake for him that looks like a DJ set up complete with lights and moving turntables! Meanwhile, a client stops by with a request to create a cake for their medivac unit and offers Buddy a chance to deliver it by helicopter.

Ep. 16) A Big Bumblebee, & a Bossy Grace: Nothing creates buzz like a cake from Carlo's. Buddy is asked to create a giant Bumblebee cake to help promote the blockbuster movie Transformers 3 and the all new Camaro that will be on display at the New York Auto Show. But because the cake is so large, he has to create it away from Carlo's, leaving Grace in charge. Will her bossiness get on the nerves of the entire Carlo's staff?

Ep. 17) Competition, Complications, & Communion: When the local bowling alley asks Buddy to make them a cake, Buddy gets the old bakery bowling team back together to prove they still got it, baby! Feeling left out, the sisters form their own league to take on the boys! Meanwhile, it's Sophia's first communion and it's up to Buddy to make a special cake for her big day. And later, Buddy gets news that there are complications surrounding his new factory.

BONUS: Best Of Cake Boss: In this special episode, Buddy counts down his top five favorite cakes and re-lives some of the most memorable moments from the past two seasons.

Cake Boss - Baby Special: In this special episode of Cake Boss, Buddy and Lisa prepare to welcome their fourth child, and get the bakery ready for one of the busiest days of the year: Valentine's Day. Buddy surprises Lisa with a detailed cake recreating the baby's nursery at her baby shower. Meanwhile, the couple has to pick godparents, get the nursery ready and navigate a difficult breech pregnancy. And when Lisa finally goes into labor on Valentine's Day, the extended famiglia have a special surprise cake made just for the occasion.
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