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RC Wooden T-Rex Puzzle

RC Wooden T-Rex Puzzle

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  • Ages: 8+
The RC Wooden T-Rex Puzzle transports you to the dinosaur era. As you build it to life, learn how these gigantic creatures lived. Robotime is a real wood 3D dinosaur puzzle that when finished is a fully functional remote control t-rex robotic dinosaur. It is an intelligent high-tech toy with high simulation and interaction. Your dinosaur will walk, roar, and snap. No tools or glues needed to construct these creatures. Build endless fun and learning with your very own Robotime Dinosaur and watch they come alive!
You have full control of your dinosaur when pressing any of the 4 buttons on the remote control. You can make him walk to the left and right and he will roar & snap. Your Robotime dinosaur will function with the remote control under your full command in the R/C mode or in one of three modes. In the free mode the dino will act more vigorous; it will walk more freely when hearing sound or detects any light change. In the demo mode, set him on your shelf in your bedroom. When intruders enter your room, watch him react to light and sound by roaring and snapping. As you are the master of your dinosaur!
With easy to follow step-by-step instructions and illustrations you and your child will have hours of fun with the RC Wooden T-Rex Puzzle. Along with the detailed instructions, each pre-cut wooden piece is numbered to provide additional ease of assembly. With each dinosaur there are approximately 100 pieces to construct these powerful creatures. Playing with and constructing Tyrannosaurs (T-Rex), you and your child can learn by playing. Robotime is technology made fun while exciting the senses and spirit of your child. As they imagine and learn about how these powerful creatures would have roamed the earth millions of years ago. Robotime building things to life!
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