Cabinets of Curiosities - Quirky Physics

Cabinets of Curiosities - Quirky Physics

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  • Ages: 6+
  • Made In: USA
Surprise your eyes and stump your mind with the Cabinet of Curiosities Quirky Physics!

Five fascinating objects will defy physics and engage kids in curiosity!

Turn on a light bulb simply by touch with the Human Powered Light Bulb. Balance a plastic bird by its beak with the Balancing bird. Start a wild liquid tornado between two bottles of water with the Vortex Device.

These activities and more make learners of all ages question everything they know about physics.

Broaden understanding of science with the surprises inside Quirky Physics!

  • A collection of 5 mystifying objects that appear to defy physics
  • Encourage scientific learning and fascination with the physical world
  • Activities include: Human Powered Light Bulb, Balancing Bird, Rattle Back, Vortex Device, and Mystery Stick
  • All objects made of durable, reusable materials
  • Made in the U.S.A.
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