Illustrated Map of the Prehistoric World

Illustrated Map of the Prehistoric World

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Learn about prehistoric animals and plants (fauna & flora) on this Illustrated Map of the Prehistoric World, a kids world map.
This illustrated map shows the continents of the Cretaceous period from 70 million years ago, when the climate was warm and moist, the sea level was 100-200m higher than today, and great parts of the continents were immersed.
Each illustrated life form includes its corresponding name, major grouping, feeding methods, period, and size. And each is located where its fossil records are found. On the bottom left side of the map is an inset showing various fauna illustrations.
On the left side of the map, the Time Chart shows the Earth's past divided by major events in Earth's evolution arranged by periods, their duration, important events for all periods, and the positions of continents for most of the periods. This UV coated map makes an excellent educational tool for the classroom or home.
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