Cracking the Ocean Code DVD

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  • Format: DVD
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  • Run Time: 50 minutes
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In the Cracking The Ocean Code DVD, join scientist Dr. J. Craig Venter as looks for genetic secrets, which could help solve the earth's most urgent climate and energy challenges. Venter scours the oceans from the Galapagos Islands to Nova Scotia to map every microscopic organism's DNA. This fascinating Sea Life DVD takes you on the journey as Dr. Venter discovers new species and new methods of solving the mysteries of weather, ocean pollutants and global warming.

Join genome pioneer, from Cracking The Ocean Code DVD, Dr. J. Craig Venter, as he scours the world's oceans for new life forms and genetic secrets that could help solve the planet's most urgent energy and climate challenges. From Nova Scotia to the Galapagos islands to Antarctica, Dr. Venter embarks on a mission to map the DNA of every microscopic organism in the ocean. In the sea life DVD, he discovers new species and new methods of tackling weather anomalies, ocean pollutants and even global warming.

Shop for the illuminating Cracking The Ocean Code DVD, for a fantastic study of mapping DNA, discovering new species and amazing ways of tackling problems with pollution, weather and global warming.
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