I Shouldn't Be Alive: Season 1 DVD

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  • Format: DVD
  • Number of Discs: 4
  • Run Time: 856 minutes
  • Region: 1 Region?
  • Studio: Discovery Channel
  • DVD Release Date: August 28, 2007
  • Genre: TV Series
In the I Shouldn't Be Alive Season 1 DVD set, you'll travel the world from the Alaskan wilderness to the Australian landscape, meeting people who have lived through near-death events. More than just a travelogue of near-tragedy, however, the hit series digs deeper, to find out how and why these people lived, and what they did in their extreme circumstances to make it through. The I Shouldn't Be Alive DVDs hold 12 episodes from season one, and you'll be introduced to everyday folks who have faced harrowing snowstorms, shark attacks in the open water, and even a plane crash in the African brush.

In the I Shouldn't Be Alive Season 1 DVD set, you'll meet people who have pushed the limits of human endurance, survivors of death defying experiences who relive their ordeals and the moment of truth that kept them alive. This series examines our most basic instincts, while revealing amazing intricacies and profound depths of the human condition. In the I Shouldn't Be Alive DVDs from season one, each one-hour episode explores the most incredible true stories of survival, focusing on the moral dilemmas, crucial moments, chance events, and life-or-death decisions made by the survivors. Discover how ordinary people and professional adventurers caught in drastic circumstances cheat death and live to tell their story.

Buy the I Shouldn't Be Alive Season 1 DVD set for knuckle-gripping stories of real people who have survived extraordinary bouts against nature.

Jaws Of Death
Crippled and stranded after crashing his plane in the African wilderness, Greg Rasmussen must hide in his fuel-soaked wreckage and rely on his deep knowledge of the wild to survive the blistering heat and deadly night predators.

Kidnap In The Killing Fields
When three land mine specialists are captured by ruthless Khmer Rouge guerrillas, Chris Moon must choose between escaping alone and leaving his colleagues behind, or remaining with his friends and trying to negotiate a release from the killers of the Cambodian jungle.

Escape From The Amazon
Three travelers and a guide embark on the adventure of a lifetime, deep into the Amazon headwaters, when suddenly everything goes terribly wrong. Follow the harrowing journey of the two men who leave the group and fight their way back to civilization.

Lost In The Snow
Caught in a deadly blizzard, a family's car is trapped in a snowdrift. After days stuck in the frozen wilderness, the father must decide whether to stay with his wife and four-month-old son or to leave alone in search for help.

Shark Survivor
When a violent storm rips apart a yacht heading from Maine to Florida, the crew clings to life on a 12-foot inflatable boat. As sharks try to flip the small boat over, the deteriorating crew must decide whether to leave someone behind to die.

Alaskan Avalanche
After a friend is badly injured in a fall while scaling an ice wall in remote Alaska, Dave Nyman must decide whether he should drag his friend across a treacherous glacier and avalanche zone in hopes of finding help.

Stranded on a scorching desert island off the Sea of Cortez with no food and water, cousins Mark and Rob test their survival skills and the strength of their friendship in order to escape from the wreckage.

Ice Cave Survivor
A father-son ski adventure goes awry when the two get lost in a freak snowstorm. After spending several days in an ice cave without food and supplies, the father leaves his frostbitten son behind and searches for help.

Trapped Under A Boulder
Disaster strikes on a remote Australian island, when a hiker is pinned beneath a boulder in a creek. His friend must race for help, amid heavy rain and rising water levels in the creek.

Lost In The African Bush
After a plane crashes in the Kalahari desert, two of the survivors must trek into the African bush in a race against time to save the remaining passengers.

Crash In A Volcano
When a helicopter crash-lands into an erupting volcano, each of the three crew members attempt a daring escape from the poisonous gases and molten lava.

Lost At Sea
A small plane crashes into the open sea off the coast of Mexico, leaving two sons and their dads adrift; one son swims to shore for help, while the other watches over the two fathers.

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