Growing Up Wilderness DVD

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  • Format: DVD
  • Studio: Animal Planet
  • DVD Release Date: January 26, 2010
  • Genre: Documentary
The Growing Up Wilderness DVD tracks the efforts of human caretakers across the country as they raise some of North America's most iconic animals. Photographers scoured the nation and captured fascinating stories, including a pack of wolf pups reared in Minnesota; a sitka fawn rescued and raised in Alaska; a black bear cub saved from being sold on the Internet; and a moose named Mush, who is being brought up by caregivers at St. Felicien Zoo. The animal DVD, Growing Up Wilderness, includes stunning footage and informative narration from animal experts.

In the Growing Up Wilderness DVD, you will discover what it's like to grow up in the wilderness if you're a wolf, sitka deer, black bear or moose. Follow these cute, adorable youngsters as they navigate their way through life with the help of their professional human caregivers. The animal DVDs, Growing Up Wilderness, include Growing Up Wolf, where you'll see caretakers at Minnesota's Wildlife Science Center hand-raise six lively grey timber wolf pups. Watch the pack dynamics unfold as the pups bond with human caregivers, domestic dogs act as surrogate mothers, and the alpha female leads the pack. The nature DVD, Growing Up Wilderness, also includes Growing Up Sitka Deer, where you'll see that after her mother was killed, a tiny two-day-old sitka deer is rescued and brought to an Alaskan wildlife reserve. Named Jewelie, watch this little fawn rely on her human caregivers to brave the harsh Arctic elements and someday return to the wild. The wildlife DVDs, Growing Up Wilderness, also includes Growing Up Black Bear. Rescued from an internet auction by the Minnesota Wildlife Science Center, Charlie the bear cub learns to live in the wild. Watch, in the Growing Up Wilderness DVD, as caretakers distance themselves from this cuddly ball of fluff and allow him to follow his natural instinct to hibernate. Growing Up Moose: The moose is the largest deer on the planet and has few predators in the wild. However, in the animal DVD, Growing Up Wilderness, a baby moose is a very different story. Follow the story of Mush, the moose, as the staff at St. Felicien Zoo gives her the care and love she needs to survive in captivity.

Buy the Growing Up Wilderness DVD, and watch adorable young babes from the woods grow up before your eyes into the majestic animals of North America they were meant to become.
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