Growing Up Safari DVD

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  • Format: DVD
  • Studio: Animal Planet
  • DVD Release Date: January 26, 2010
  • Genre: Documentary
The Growing Up Safari DVD traces the maturation of four types of baby animals, some adorable and one just misunderstood. In West Africa, a pair of baby rhinos are observed; later it's a trio of zebra yearlings; in Northern California, a giraffe is reared at a sanctuary; and finally, watch as one conservationist re-introduces us to the misunderstood hyena, shown to be a brave hunter, and not just a scavenger on the plains of Africa. The animal DVD, Growing Up Safari, holds all four compelling stories of youngsters that must survive the African wild.

In the Growing Up Safari DVD, learn what it's like to grow up in the safari if you're a rhino, zebra, giraffe or hyena! Follow these cute, adorable youngsters in Growing Up Safari as they endure the wild 24/7. In the animal DVD, Growing Up Safari, watch, orphaned baby rhinos Tunzi and Tandi grow up in the safety of Pretoria's Wildcare Africa Trust. See Tunzi take his first mud bath, while caregivers go to great lengths to save Tandi after she contracts a mysterious illness. In the nature DVD, Growing Up Safari, Growing Up Zebra, follow Sanwild Animal Sanctuary founder Louise Joubert as she raises three baby zebras: Cassidy, a badly injured foal and his two cohorts, Shadow, and Sky. Watch them experience joys, adventures, and adversity in their journey back to the wild. In the wildlife DVD, Growing Up Safari, Growing Up Giraffe, Kulula, an orphaned giraffe, is placed in the care of two keepers at a northern California wildlife sanctuary. Follow keepers Kim and Sheri as they fill this giraffe's tragic life with hope and devotion as they prepare her to join the sanctuary's herd. In the Growing Up Safari DVD, Growing Up Hyena, experience one man's quest to show the world that hyenas are intelligent, strong and fearless predators that should be respected and not maligned. Discover another side of this misunderstood animal who's always the villain and never the hero.

Buy a Growing Up Safari DVD and learn how four very different African animals mature, adapt and survive as they grow up.

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