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The Future is Wild DVD

The Future is Wild DVD

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"A wild and wooly look into the future! You'll never look at the family pet quite the same way!"
Los Angeles Times

Hit the evolutionary fast-forward button with this international sensation, first seen on the BBC, to see how today's animals will morph and evolve into wild creatures of the future. An international team of eminent scientists biologists, mammologists, geologists, paleoclimatologists, paleobotanists and biomechanics specialists join expert computer animators to deliver an exhilarating vision of life to come. From the glacier-ridden landscape of the near future to the next mass extinction 200 million years from now, each episode focuses on a different time period showing how tomorrow's animals hunt, mate and die. Thrill to visions of flesh-eating plants, armor-plated rats, turtles the size of dinosaurs and more in this unprecedented look at an alien world right here at home.

Ice World 5 million years
Five million years from now, Paris will be a vast, arctic tundra populated by saber-toothed snowstalkers, shagrats, monster rodents the size of sheep and immense gannet whales. Meet the scrofa a type of wild boar evolved into a master rock forager in the parched, salty desert that was once the Mediterranean Sea. Where Chicago now thrives, a desert will be home to armor-coated rats and menacing giant bats. And with the rainforest completely wiped out, the Amazon's over-baked savannah watches over the lonely babookaris, perhaps the last primate on earth.

Hothouse World 100 million years
As the temperature rises, bizarre creatures settle on land and in the sea. Meet the lurkfish a vicious swamp-dweller that immobilizes its prey with a 1,000-volt arc of electricity. In the mountains of the former Australia, the furry-faced poggle the lone remaining mammalian link to mankind finds itself living on borrowed time. Moscow will be part of a large, shallow sea filled with strange sailing jellyfish, giant predatory sea slugs and ferocious sea spiders. But few creatures are a match for the foot-long falconfly a voracious wasp that rules the lush jungles of Antarctica.

New World 200 million years
In 200 million years, intense volcanic activity triggers earth's latest mass extinction. Freakish species appear, like flishes part bird, part fish squid that change colors and insects that shoot glue. Rio de Janeiro, swallowed by a global ocean, will harbor the sharkopath, descended from today's jaw-dacious predators. Visit the Big Apple which has become a big desert where flesh-eating plants devour giant hopping snails. And travel to London perhaps the most dangerous corner of this New World where a terrifying, shape-shifting slime mold called the slithersucker is king of the rainforest.

Follow the trials and triumphs of these strange, wonderful creatures and bear witness to the timeless struggle to survive amid nature's final frontier the future.

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