Secrets of Archaeology DVD

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  • Format: DVD
  • Studio: Koch Vision
  • DVD Release Date: July 11, 2006
  • Genre: Special Interest

The Secrets of Archaeology Series DVDs take you around the world to some of the greatest ancient cities. Uncovered and rediscovered, view Pompeii, the Sanctuaries of Apollo, Pyramids of Eternity and many more. The Secrets of Archaeology DVDs compile research, computer graphics, and archaeological exploration to visit 27 cities of old.

The Secrets Of Archaeology Series DVDs take you on a virtual tour through rediscovered cities and archaeological sites " just as their inhabitants saw them centuries ago.

Explore the magnificent city of Pompeii, the architectural treasures of the Roman Empire, the legendary city of Troy, the mighty pyramids of the pharaohs and much more.

  • Disc 1: Pompeii: A City Rediscovered; Glorious Rome, Capital of an Empire; Pyramids Designed for Eternity; Athens: Western Splendor; A Place Called Etruria
  • Disc 2: The Cities of the Pharaohs; Egypt According to Cleopatra; Greek Cities in Italy; The Pyramids of the Sun; The Roads to El Dorado
  • Disc 3: The Lost Cities of the Maya; The Forgotten Civilizations of Anatolia; Travels through Greece; The Ports of the Desert; Sailing with the Phoenicians
  • Disc 4: The Roman Empire in Africa; Ancient Cities Bordering on Latium; Retracing the Tracks of Hannibal; Roman Imprint on the West; At the Court of the King of Kings
  • Disc 5: Cities of the Sea and Wind; Secrets of the Island of Minos; The Fabulous Centers of Hellenism; Visit of the Sanctuaries of Apollo; Sicily: Greek Legacy in the West
  • Disc 6: Ancient Itinerary in Ionia; Mycenaeans: The Civilization of Heroes
During the Secrets of Archaeology DVDs, visit 27 cities and experience the cutting edge of archaeological exploration with state of the art computer graphics, spectacular on-location photography and research from the world's leading archaeological experts.

Shop for the Secrets of Archaeology Series DVD Set, and go back in time to the glorious architecture, incredible lifestyles, and secret sanctuaries of rediscovered cities.

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