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  • Format: DVD
  • Studio: Topics Entertainment
  • Genre: Documentary
The deluxe Sharks DVD set offers never-before-seen glimpses of the brutal and intense world of the ocean's deadliest predator. Explore the habitats, behaviors and physical design of one the world's most savage underwater prowlers. The shark DVDs in this four disc collector's set help cull fact from fiction about the smart, swift and cunning creatures of the sea.

Buy the deluxe Sharks DVD set and settle in for a feeding frenzy of shark discovery.

Deluxe Sharks DVD set episodes include:

Sharks: The Silent Killers
Join a film crew as they journey to the exotic ocean depths, capturing images of tiger sharks, hammerhead sharks, great white sharks and more.

The White Death
Travel to South Australia and examine the most feared creature of the sea, the great white shark. Understand its behaviors, lifestyle and why it's responsible for more human attacks than all other sharks combines.

Killers of the Deep
Investigate motives in this fascinating look at how and why many ocean animals attack.

Encounters with Sharks
Distinguish fact from fiction as John Stoneman dispels common misconceptions and myths about this notorious predator.

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