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Nature's Most Amazing Events Blu-ray


Nature's Most Amazing Events Blu-ray

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  • Format: Blu-ray
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Nature's Most Amazing Events Blu Ray Disc Set takes you from the Great Melt of the Arctic to the Great Feast of the Pacific Northwest as animals react to natures ever-changing ways. In each of the areas it is a race for survival as native herds are forced to battle for resources. Nature's Blu Ray DVD Most Amazing Events captures of film the migration of Elephants, Buffalo, Whales and more.

Nature's Most Amazing Events Videos
    Kalahari Flood: In the Nature's Most Amazing Events Blu Ray watch as at the peak of the dry season in the Kalahari desert lands herds of elephants trek towards a life-saving event. These resourceful elephants reveal remarkable new behaviors as they try to make the most of the stagnant pools, arid woodlands and waterholes guarded by lion prides. During the Nature's Blu Ray DVD you watch as their fortunes change dramatically with the annual flooding of Botswana's Okavango Delta, which turns 4,000 square miles of desert into a maze of lagoons, islands and swamps. As millions of animals are drawn to this wetland, including great herds of famished elephants and buffalo, the scene is set for some of the greatest clashes in nature. Using a range of high definition filming techniques over two years, Nature's Great Events follows their fortunes.

    During the wildlife Blu Ray DVD Nature's Most Amazing Events, A herd of the elephants look to be on a suicide mission as they head from the woodlands of northern Botswana to the parched sands of the delta — a place that appears to hold little food and water. Incredibly, the experienced matriarchs time their arrival at the delta to coincide with the great flood, when water and lush grasses are abundant.Buy the Nature's Most Amazing Events Blu Ray Disc Set, and be transported from the Kalahari to the Pacific Northwest as nature goes to extremes.

    Nature's Most Amazing Events videos follow these resourceful elephants on their journey, revealing new and remarkable behaviors. They film the way they use their trunks to siphon clean water from the surface layers of a stagnant pool, while avoiding stirring up the muddy sediment on the bottom with their feet. Also in Nature's Most Amazing Events Blu Ray, bull hippos converge on prime territories formed by the rising floodwater. They assert their dominance and gain mating rights with the females. The explosive force of these two-ton giants is captured on film as two big bulls do bloody battle — at times being lifted out of the water by their rival. Lechwe swamp deer, zebra, giraffe, crocodiles and numerous fish all invade the wetlands.

    Countless thousands of birds also arrive in the delta, to enjoy the seasonal bounty during this time of abundance. And in a phenomenon never before filmed in the Okavango, thousands of dragonflies appear — seemingly from nowhere — within minutes of the flood arrival, mating and laying eggs. As the flood finally reaches its peak, elephants and buffalo, near the end of their epic trek across the desert, face the final gauntlet of a hungry pride of lions.

    Pacific Feast: The Great Feast when spring falls on the Pacific Northwest coast of America it sets off a race for survival that calls all native predators to the starting block. Herring rush to spawn, and predators, — sea otters, killer whales and seals — attack the shoals for an easy meal. Humpback whales make an epic journey across the Pacific to feed, but for a young humpback, it's the most dangerous time of life.

    Grizzly Wilderness: The temperate rainforest of British Columbia, Canada, harbors more life than any other forest in the world. Cloaked by the planet's tallest trees, the last big carnivores of North America roam free — the great grizzly bear and forest wolf. Yet their survival depends entirely on one great event that runs up the forest rivers just once a year. As the rivers teem with spawning salmon the bears and wolves are drawn together and a deadly conflict unfolds.

    Arctic Summer: The Great Melt. The massive Arctic snow melt triggers a chain reaction causing the dramatic arrival of millions of animals that now must share one habitat. Snow geese swirl across the skies, wolves stalk the tundra, and seals, walrus and narwhals cruise the seas. On the ice, polar bears and foxes search desperately for food. For a caribou and her calf, it will be a struggle of life and death.

    Surviving The Serengeti: The parched grassland of East Africa's famous Serengeti plain is the arena for bitter rivalries between warring cheetahs, lions and hyenas as they struggle over meager pickings. But with the arrival of the annual rains the plains momentarily flush green with fresh grass drawing in the greatest concentration of large animals on the Planet. Over two million wildebeest, zebra and Thomson's gazelle have undergone an epic journey crossing crocodile infested rivers to graze here — but how will they survive the arena of carnivores?

    Army of Predators: As winter arrives along South Africa's east coast the inshore waters cool, drawing billions of sardines northwards from the Cape to feed on the plankton-rich soup. The Sardine Run is the greatest marine spectacle on the planet, attracting an awe-inspiring cast of ocean predators. Mega pods of common dolphins, battalions of sharks and greedy Bryde’s whales feast on the sardines as gannets rain down from above. For African Penguins and bottlenose dolphins this movement of sardines is the defining moment of their lives.
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