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Dirty Jobs with Mike Rowe: Season 2 DVD


Dirty Jobs with Mike Rowe: Season 2 DVD

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  • Format: DVD
  • Number of Discs: 7
  • Run Time: 18 hours
  • Region: 1 Region?
  • Studio: Gaiam (Exclusive)
  • Genre: TV Series
In the Dirty Jobs Season 2 DVD set, join host Mike Rowe as he becomes an apprentice alongside America's every day laborers. Rowe subjects himself to some fairly peculiar and sometimes sloppy professions during each episode. Enjoy these Dirty Jobs DVDs and maybe they will even make you more grateful for the job that you already have! This Dirty Jobs Season 2 DVD set is exclusive to the Discovery Channel Store.

Join host Mike Rowe for an unsanitary look at the dirty jobs that someone has to do. From one disgusting mess to another, meet the elite men and women who make their living doing the dirtiest jobs around.

Shop for the Dirty Jobs Season 2 DVD set and watch as host Mike Rowe, subjects himself to some unique and downright disgusting every day American jobs.

Dirty Jobs Season 2 DVD

Episodes include:

  • Lobstermen, Seaweed Harvester & Snake Researcher
  • Concrete Stamper, Penguin Keeper & Bloodworm Digger
  • Water Barrier & Bell Maker
  • House Gutter, Rat Exterminator & Mosquito Control Officer
  • Stump Remover, Fainting Goat Farmer & Bug Breeder
  • Salmon Carcass Counter, Dirty Jobs Mailbag & Poo Pot Maker
  • Wine Barrel Maker & Mule Logger
  • Baseball Groundskeeper, Boat Mooring Repair & Well Digger
  • Wine Cave Digger & Airport Worker
  • Salt Miner
  • Wine Maker & Cattle Rancher
  • Hydro Seed Operator, Mike's Mailbag & Steam Ship Cleaner
  • Billboard Installer
  • Snake Wrangler
  • Leather Tanner
  • Bridge Painter
  • Vomit Island Workers
  • Alligator Egg Collector
  • Wild Goose Chase
  • 150th Dirty Jobs Extravaganza
  • Special Effects Artist & Kelp Harvester
  • Reef Ball Maker
  • Dump Truck Cleaner & Exotic Animal Keeper
  • Spray Insulation Technician, Runway Painter & Odor Eater
  • Big Animal Vet, Barbecue Cleaner & Oil Tank Removal
Take a fun, foul look at some of the grimiest, grungiest, grossest jobs around.
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