Eye Of The Sniper: Ultimate Combat Edition DVD

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The Eye of the Sniper DVD will give you an inside look at the skill and endurance needed to become a top sniper. Full of action and suspense, the film is sure to have you gripping your seat. The top sniper DVD will bring a secretive and veiled world into the light and to the forefront of your television.

In Eye of the Sniper DVD "“ Ultimate Combat Edition, combat enthusiasts will go behind the scope to learn the strategies used by top sniper teams as they converge to test their skills against their fellow men at arms. Engage in the art of urban combat, ballistics, long-range marksmanship and the pride of every sniper "” how to remain undetected in fiercely critical situations. Take cover with a top sniper DVD in a shower of intense urban firefights, grenade blasts and machine gun fire. Indulge in an endless feast of today's most advanced weapons including sniper rifles, man-portable firepower, tanks and artillery, robotic warriors, and shock and awe weapons. Never before has a military sniper DVD series tapped into so many facets of one of the military's most elusive and intriguing professions. Enjoy. Engage. And be amazed at what it takes to survive behind enemy lines.

  • Top Sniper
  • Sniper Rifles
  • Bonus Episode: Future Warriors

  • Top Sniper 2
  • Science
  • Urban Combat
  • Long Range
  • Stealth

Top Sniper

In the Eye of the Sniper DVD, the sniper has never been more important than in modern combat. As this roll grows in complexity, training must quickly evolve to help sniper teams succeed on the battlefield. Each year the Sniper School at Ft. Benning, Georgia holds a competition designed to bring the world's elite sniper teams together and give them the most realistic training available. Each event involves a different real world scenario, taken directly from modern conflict. From intense urban firefights with grenades and machine gun fire, to night helicopter insertions, the line between competition and combat is blurred. Though every team would like to win, the true prize of the competition is the knowledge and experience the competitors take home to their units.

Sniper Rifles
The sniper DVD puts the incredible power of the sniper rifle in the hands of the lone marksman. With the power, stealth and capability to take out targets a few feet wide from distances of over a mile, the sniper rifle earns its stripes as an Ultimate Weapon. The deadliest .50 caliber weapon system in the world, the Tac-50, is intimidatingly accurate, battle-proven and holds the world record for the longest confirmed kill at over a mile and half. The state of the art Cheytac M200 Intervention weapon system is one of a kind with its "one-shot, one-kill" capability. Go online to vote for your ultimate sniper rifle now.

Bonus Episode: Future Warriors
Throughout the military sniper DVD, future warriors tests an amazing state-of-the-art weapon that can change from sniper rifle to assault weapon in just seconds. Ex-US Navy SEAL Richard "˜Mack' Machowicz hits the road for Ohio and drives the latest armored cars — they look just like an everyday Suburban but pack more of a punch. Not only will they protect you from guns, rockets and improvised explosive devices, they can fight back. Mack also tests the super sophisticated portable spy in the sky — the Skylark. He watches the pictures it transmits on a wrist-mounted video screen when he spies on an illegal arms-deal. Then Mack gets to remotely test drive the incredible Mule — the latest unmanned ground vehicle being developed that pushes technology to the limits when it goes into battle with squads of soldiers.

Top Sniper 2

The Eye of the Sniper DVD shows the International Sniper Competition, held at the US Army's Sniper School in Fort Benning, Georgia, that brings the best snipers from around the world together to test their skills against their fellow men at arms. To survive in the field, snipers must rely heavily on science to place their shots quickly and accurately, because, on the modern battlefield, second chances are rarely an option. Competitor's scientific know-how is put to the test with the precision-reliant processes of the Zero and Cold Bore Events. Next, teams will test their comprehension of ballistics with the Day Movers Event, followed up by the extreme challenge of shooting from a moving helicopter in the Aerial. Also, explore the elements involved in making accurate shots, including segments on precision rifle scopes and ballistic calculations.

The top sniper DVD sums up the evolution of modern warfare has shifted battles from open fields and forests to urban city streets. In an urban setting, the sniper becomes one of the most valuable tools available for reducing collateral damage. Competitors will test their skills at target identification in the KIMS Event, shoot under the stress of a city-turned-battleground in the Counter Sniper Event, and endure the physical demands of navigating the modern battlefield in the Obstacle Course and Alternate Positions Event. Next, explore advances in weapons and weapons systems, as they adapt to the new challenges that this urban battleground presents.

Long Range
As shown in the military sniper DVD, distance has always been considered a sniper's friend, giving him both the cover and time necessary to make an accurate shot. However, hitting targets at long-range places extreme demands on both the shooter and his equipment. Competitors will test their long-range marksmanship abilities in the 1,000-yard Cold Bore, show their versatility as fighters in the Defensive Shoot, and push both their weapons and combat skills to the extreme with the Convoy Live Fire and Know Your Limitations Events. Take an in-depth look at weapons like the .50 caliber anti-material rifle and the specialized training that allows the sniper to remain the master of the battlefield, even from a great distance.

The Eye of the Sniper military DVD shows that remaining undetected on the battlefield is the sniper's most important line of defense. At the International Sniper Competition, a sniper's stealth is a matter of pride, but on the battlefield, it is a matter of life or death. Competitors test their abilities to place accurate shots under the cover of night in the Night Unknown Distance. Their skill at navigating the terrain stealthily will be tested in the Night Movement, then pushed to the limit during the Stalk event, which challenges teams to go undetected in the most difficult of scenarios — open terrain during broad daylight. With them, explore the latest advances in night vision technologies as well as the gear required to protect them from its detection.

Buy the Eye of the Sniper DVD ultimate combat edition for an insider's glance down the scope.
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  • Format: DVD
  • Rating: Not Rated
  • Number of Discs: 2
  • Run Time: 301 Minutes
  • Region: 1
  • Aspect Ratio: Widescreen
  • Language: English
  • Studio: Military Channel
  • DVD Release Date: October 13, 2009
  • Audio: ENGLISH: Dolby Digital Stereo
  • Genre: Documentary
  • Color: Color
  • Includes:
    Future Warriors


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