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In an Into The Unknown With Josh Bernstein DVD collection, join international explorer Josh Bernstein as he travels the world on epic quests for knowledge and discovery. Take a series of unforgettable journeys into the unknown and investigate some of the world's greatest mysteries and most fascinating stories, inspired by deep mysteries and Bernstrein's burning questions. Into The Unknown DVDs contemplate conundrums, like whether Noah and his Ark really existed and was Timbuktu truly a City of Gold. No location is too remote, no culture is too exotic, and no goal is too ambitious.

Buy an Into The Unknown With Josh Bernstein DVD set, and follow Josh Bernstein on his quest for answers to some of the oldest and most gripping mysteries of the past.Search for Noah's Ark: For thousands of years the story of Noah's Ark and the great flood has been passed down the generations. But did the flood of Genesis really happen? Was there an actual ark or a man called Noah? Josh Bernstein investigates a compelling new theory about the truth behind this extraordinary story.

The Secret Life of Gladiators: Josh Bernstein is on a quest to uncover the true story of the Gladiator. Participants in history's most deadly sport, Hollywood has glorified these men on the big screen — but how does the movie portrayal differ from the reality? Josh's journey takes him from Rome's famous training grounds to the far reaches of the empire as he uncovers surprising twists that dismiss the Hollywood version and reveal the truth of the real gladiators

The Lost Gold of Timbuktu: In 14th century Africa, a legend that Timbuktu was a 'City of Gold' began to spread across the world — travel with Josh across West Africa, into the Sahara desert, and to the famous city itself on a quest to find the gold of legend and determine if the myth was ever really true.

The Cloud Warriors: For seven centuries the Chachapoya ruled the mountains of northern Peru from their hilltop fortress of Kuelap, the biggest ancient monument in the whole of the Americas. Then, in the 1500s, the tribe suddenly vanished. Josh Bernstein investigates the mysterious disappearance of the fearsome Cloud Warriors.

Egypt's Lost King: Josh Bernstein investigates the most controversial pharaoh in history — he was the father of the boy king, Tutankhamen, and husband of the beautiful Nefertiti. His name was Akhenaten: a Pharaoh who dared to radically change the course of Egyptian history and almost brought the Empire crashing to it knees. Josh Bernstein is on a quest to discover who this rebel Pharaoh really was and what was the real motivation behind his vision that rocked the foundations of a dynasty?

Why Elephants Attack: A deadly conflict between elephants and humans is escalating across Africa. Josh Bernstein goes on the trail of elephants that are attacking and killing humans in record numbers to find out why these gentle giants have turned into killers and to investigate a compelling new theory that claims to know the answer.

Living with Mummies: The Anga people of Papua New Guinea revere their ancestors so deeply that they mummify their dead and refuse to bury them. But the skills of this ancient rite will soon be lost forever. Josh Bernstein travels to Papua New Guinea to help resurrect their secret mummification ritual.

The Search for Life: For millennia, people have assumed that because we live on Earth, life must have started here. But scientists are now seriously considering that life may have come here from Mars, having navigated the hazards of deep space to take up residence on Earth. Josh gains access to places only NASA scientists are typically allowed on his quest through the American West for the true story.
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