Meade 8 inch or 10 inch Equatorial Wedge

Meade 8 inch or 10 inch Equatorial Wedge

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The Meade 8" or 10" Equatorial Wedge is an excellent tool to provide stability and rigidity to your telescope. A must-have for extended astrophotography, the wedge can handle even heavy telescope accessories. With a Meade Instruments Equatorial Wedge, you gain a vibration-minimizing tool along with the ability to more easily follow objects along the Earth's axis.

A Meade 8 or 10 Equatorial Wedge is required equipment for astrophotography sessions longer than about 5 minutes. This crucial tool minimizes vibration and provides for a more rigid mount in equatorial mode. The result is an elimination of field rotation in long-exposure photographs and easy tracking of objects in one direction along the Earth's axis.

Both of the telescope accessories, Wedge and Superwedge, are of excellent basic design, constructed from heavy plate castings and solidly bolted together. Each has ample strength and stability to support the telescope, even when heavily loaded down with accessories.

Notes: No wedge is required for exposure images less than about 5 minutes. Select the Standard Equatorial Wedge for 8" and 10" LX200 Telescopes; select the Superwedge for Meade 12" LX200 Telescopes.

Additionally, you can improve your LX200 tripod set up with an optional Tripod Accessory Tray. The telescope accessories tray attaches directly to tripod legs, providing an easy access point for eyepieces, filters and more. Note: tray does not have eyepiece holes.

Buy the Meade 8" or 10" Equatorial Wedge to minimize vibration and strengthen the support of your telescope during extended photography sessions.

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