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Meerkat Manor: Season 1 DVD

Meerkat Manor: Season 1 DVD

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  • Format: DVD
  • Number of Discs: 2
  • Run Time: 286 Minutes
  • Region: 1 Region?
  • Studio: Animal Planet
  • DVD Release Date: January 26, 2010
  • Genre: TV Series
The Meerkat Manor Season 1 DVD set lets you watch your favorite four-footed TV family over and over again for all the fun antics, drama and wonder that makes up a year in the life of the Whiskers family. The Whiskers are not your typical all-American family as they each have four furry feet and live in South Africa, but other than that, many of the ups and downs, ins and outs and adventures of this extended family amazingly mirror familiar story lines of our own lives. Watch the Meerkat Manor DVD set from season one for more than four hours of meerkat adventures.

The Meerkat Manor Season 1 DVD set introduces you to the Whiskers, a remarkable family of meerkats living on the edge of Africa's Kalahari Desert that share all the love, squabbling, self-sacrifice and rivalry found in any family home. The Meerkat Manor videos take you along, from family quarrels to love affairs to backstabbing worthy of a Shakespearean tale, these fuzzy reality-TV stars pack a huge dramatic punch in this 13-episode DVD set.

Family Affair
Get an intimate portrait of family life meerkat style. Become acquainted with each character and watch as Flower's new pups face the world for the first time.

Love Thy Neighbor
Shakespeare recovers from a vicious puff adder bite and Daisy gets a little too comfortable with Carlos from the Lazuli gang. Meanwhile, Flower's little pups are under threat again.

Some Like It Hot
The Whiskers gang expands to 37 when one of Flower's unruly daughters has pups. Youssarian decides the den is no longer safe and attempts a dangerous burrow move while the group is out foraging. Unfortunately, one pup is left fighting for his life.

The dangerous burrow move started by Youssarian spins out of control as the group must keep an eye on a giant eagle owl. In the meantime, the newest members of the group witness their first thunderstorm while the dry season draws to a close.

Childhood's End
The saga continues as Mozart, one of the young females in the Whiskers family, is evicted by Flower. Afterwards, a sudden storm forces the Whiskers to take shelter in an empty burrow belonging to their arch rivals, the Lazuli gang.

Boys will be Boys
The meerkat drama continues when one of Flower's pups, Mitch, steals several poisonous insects from his siblings and ends up at death's door. Meanwhile, Mozart, the young female evicted from the family for having pups, is finally allowed back into the group.

Divided Loyalties
When they all go out foraging for the very first time, they get separated. With such a tiny band at the home front, Flower's group struggles for survival especially her two newest pups. The rest of the group has been pushed even further away by the rival Lazuli gang.

The Good, the Bad, the Desperate
The Whiskers have split into two groups! Flower's little band of seven meerkats are struggling to make ends meet, but it isn't long before she finds the rest of the group and takes back her crown as "Queen of the Whiskers."

Daisy's Choice
Daisy, one of the young females, gives birth unexpectedly in the wrong burrow. She and her pups won't survive without the help of family and as night falls, panic sets in. Yousarrian goes on a mercy mission to try and save Daisy and her new pups.

Flower Power
Flower, the head of the Whiskers family gives birth to another litter of pups. However, when the group heads out for the days foraging, two young and inexperienced males are left in charge with dangerous circumstances.

An Awfully Big Adventure
Flower's third litter of pups take their first steps into the outside world. One adventurous new pup, Columbus, prematurely heads out with the adults. After his big adventure, he quickly learns the harsh realities facing the Whiskers.

The Calm Before the Storm
After a stormy night, Flower leads out the foraging gang while leaving the pups with Shakespeare. Unfortunately, she's unaware that the Lazuli are in her territory. Shakespeare and the pups are caught alone and soon attacked by the Lazuli!

Moving On
Flower is unaware of the danger that's facing Shakespeare. As he tries to hold them off and save Flower's four young pups, the Whiskers finally return to chase them off. But, this is a bitter sweet victory. The pups are alive, but Shakespeare has disappeared.

Buy Meerkat Manor Season One DVD for hours of mapcap adventures with your favorite four-footed furry family.

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