MythBusters: Season 8 DVD

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Blue Ice
Adam and Jamie tackle an explosive movie myth about magazines and toasters while Kari, Grant, and Tory take to the skies to investigate the mystery of the destructive 'Blue Ice.'

Bubble Trouble
Adam and Jamie test a tall tale that it's impossible to stay afloat in bubbly water. Kari, Tory and Grant find out if an arrow packed with explosives can split a tree in two.

Blow Your Own Sail
Adam and Jamie put Hollywood sound effects up against reality. Kari, Grant and Tory find out what happens if you are adrift on a sailboat with no wind; can you propel your boat with a fan?

Torpedo Tastic
Did the world's first torpedo really deliver a deadly payload - striking a boat at 800 feet? Adam and Jamie build an ancient torpedo to find out. Meanwhile, Kari, Grant, and Tory test if a truck full of wine can become a machine gun like spectacle.

Spy Car 2
Jamie and Adam go spy vs. spy and battle with each other, while Kari, Tory, and Grant are consumed in a battle against Mother Nature as they embark on the most challenging snowy saga in MythBusters history.

Dodge a BulletAdam and Jamie test if you can jump out of the way of a bullet, while Kari, Grant, and Tory have Buster jumping from great heights to find out if hitting water is just like hitting pavement.

Fixing a FlatAdam and Jamie test what it would take to fix a flat tire when you don't have a spare. Then, Kari, Grant and Tory find out if a fishing reel can really catch fire if you hook a fast fish.

Let There Be Light
Jamie and Adam test a Hollywood lighting myth, while Kari, Grant and Tory go gangbusters trying to stop out of control cars.

Paper Armor
Adam and Jamie explore the physics of shock waves in water and how to avoid injury. Kari, Grant and Tory find out if battle armor made of paper can compare to steel.

Newton’s Crane Cradle
The MythBusters are swinging for science - testing a viral video that supersizes Newton's cradle using wrecking balls to transfer energy. Kari, Grant and Tory tackle a Hollywood classic - is a bird landing on your hood enough to tip your car off a cliff?

Walk a Straight Line
Adam and Jamie explore a hundred-year-old conundrum: if blindfolded, can humans travel in a straight line? Then, Kari, Grant and Tory test binary explosives - will they explode in the case of a fender bender?

Bikes and Bazookas
Adam and Jamie test the myth that a motorcycle is a greener and cleaner machine than a car. Kari, Tory and Grant unleash the first RPG in MythBusters history to see if a bullet can take out a bazooka.

Flying Guillotine
Jamie and Adam tackle the military myth that it's safe to use explosive C4 as cooking fuel as long as you don't drop anything on it, while Kari, Grant and Tory put a Chinese martial arts myth to the test.

Duct Tape Plane
Adam and Jamie test three viral videos featuring extraordinary excavators - can they row a barge, take you wakeboarding, and do acrobatics? Kari, Grant and Tory patch up a plane that had an unfortunate encounter with a bear - using only duct tape.

Drain Disaster
The MythBusters go underground to test if a sewer drain full of combustible gas would turn an innocent manhole cover into a missile if ignited. Meanwhile, Kari, Grant and Tory put truck bed liner to the test - is it bite, crash, and bomb proof?

Wheel of Mythfortune
The mailbox is full and the team once again leaps into action. To determine the lucky winners of the viewer request lottery, the guys spin the Wheel of Mythfortune and pick 5 random emails and letters and respond the only way they know how - with science.

Duct Tape Island
Adam and Jamie get abandoned on a deserted island with nothing but duct tape between them. The guys go MythBusters and duct tape vs. wild as they use the mythical material in this life or death situation to find food and water, build a camp, and try to be rescued.

Toilet Bomb
Adam and Jamie tackle a blockbuster bathroom bomb, while Kari, Tory and Grant take to the skies to find out if flying in a V works for planes as well as it does for birds.

Battle of the Sexes
The MythBusters pit Men against Women in the ultimate Battle of the Sexes. Get ready for all out war as the team tests five age-old gender-based clichés.

Square Wheels
Adam and Jamie reinvent the wheel, while Kari, Tory and Grant hit the breaks for a date night movie myth.

Revenge of the Myth
The whole team gets together to take fan favorites to another level in this experimental ramp-up. From exploding water heaters and bird balances to excavators and fireworks men, no result is safe from these myth's revenge!

Fire vs. Ice
Adam and Jamie tackle an internet sensation about an epic duel between a flamethrower and a CO2 fire extinguisher, while Kari, Grant and Tory test if you can blind a spy drone with a dust cloud and pull off a kidnapping, like in the movie ""Body of Lies.""

Swinging Pirates
The Hyneman and Captain Redbeard take a swing at a pirate movie myth while Kari, Tory and Grant roll out the barrel for a turbo charged go-cart.

Driving in Heels
Adam and Jamie hit the highway with some fancy footwear, while Tory, Grant and Kari get stuck on glue.

Bouncing Bullet
Adam and Jamie take aim at a ricochet myth from the TV show 'Burn Notice,' while Kari, Tory and Grant test the Hollywood myth that if you jump when running away from an explosion, can you surf the shockwave?

Bubble Pack Plunge
Adam and Jamie test if you jump from a building wrapped in bubble packaging, will you survive? Kari, Grant and Tory experiment with a James Bond ejector seat.

Duel Dilemmas
Adam and Jamie test an old dueling myth - should you really never bring a knife to a gunfight? Kari, Grant and Tory find out if a two-stage missile, known as the fire-breathing dragon, ever really existed.

Hail Hijinx
Adam and Jamie pick apart some rope bridge physics from the action movie Cliffhanger, while Kari, Grant and Tory test if giant hail can really puncture the hull of a fishing boat and sink the ship.

Connonball Chemistry
Adam and Jamie test whether a mattress can really cushion a watery wipeout. Meanwhile, Kari, Tory and Grant tackle a blast from the past as they test if cannonballs made of stone can really cause carnage.

Plane Boarding/Bite the Bullet
Adam and Jamie buckle up and return their seats to the upright position to test what really is the best, most efficient way to board an airplane. Tory, Kari and Grant find out if a bullet made of teeth or even bone is non-traceable.
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  • Format: DVD
  • Rating: Not Rated
  • Run Time: 1290 Minutes
  • Region: 1
  • Aspect Ratio: Widescreen
  • Studio: Discovery Channel
  • DVD Release Date: May 20, 2014
  • Audio: ENGLISH: Dolby Digital 2.0
  • Cast: Jamie Hyneman, Adam Savage, Robert Lee
  • Genre: Documentary
  • Color: Color


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