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Science of the Deep DVD

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The Science of the Deep DVD takes you underwater as you explore the mysterious unknown. With an 18-ton deep-sea space station, the Aquarius, aquanauts get up close and personal with predatory jellies. The Sea life DVD Science of the Deep shows state-of-the-art technology as it is used to search for superheated hydrothermal vents in their quest for knowledge.

Enter the Science Of The Deep DVD and go into the deep frontier on a quest for knowledge with a brave group of marine scientists. Travel along treacherous waters, using cutting edge science and technology, in this three-part series investigating underwater exploration.

Aquarius – Living Beneath the Sea
In the Sea life DVD, experience life under the sea in Aquarius, an 81-ton steel inner space station. Follow a team of aquanauts through an entire undersea mission onboard this underwater habitat and research lab while examining coral reef dynamics and the effect of global warming.

Mid-Water Mysteries
During the Science DVD of the deep, explore the many fascinating creatures and mysteries found in the ocean at mid-water depths with scientists aboard several oceanographic research vessels. Examine the impact of predatory jellies on the fishing industry, the secrets of bioluminescence and new underwater exploration technology.

The Hostile Deep
In the Science Of The Deep Series, plunge into the abyssal depths of our ocean's floor to investigate the cutting edge of deep – sea science. Follow research submersibles and ROV's in search of superheated hydrothermal vents, and dive deep to uncover mysterious cold seep vents.

Buy the Science of the Deep DVD, and go down into the base of the world to view underwater life forms and mysterious caverns.

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