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Surviving The Cut: Season 1 + Two Weeks In Hell DVD


Surviving The Cut: Season 1 + Two Weeks In Hell DVD

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The Surviving the Cut DVDs go inside the elite schools of the Army, Navy, Air Force and Marines. Through grueling mental and physical challenges, the candidates determine if they can continue on and become the best of the best. In the Military DVDs Surviving the Cut, each one must survive and thrive while fighting to become a candidate of excellence.

Shop for the Surviving the Cut and Two Weeks in Hell DVDs, and get down and dirty with those who strive to become the elite of the U.S. Military.

Surviving The Cut DVD

Disc 1)

Episode 1- Ranger School: In this episode, go inside the toughest combat course in the world. US Army Ranger School replicates the nonstop stress of war to forge the Army's elite combat leaders. In the military DVDs Surviving the Cut, for sixty-one days and nights, soldiers sleep an average of three hours a night and receive just one meal per day. They train continuously, running missions 20 hours straight in mountains, swamps and dense woodlands. The Army DVD Surviving the Cut shows how most lose 20 or more pounds before it's over, and many quit or fail the course along the way. Only one candidate in three makes it through the course. See what it takes to survive the cut.

Episode 2- Air Force Pararescue: Air Force Pararescuemen are the most highly trained combat search and rescue experts in US Special Operations. The Air Force DVD Surviving the Cut shows that when a pilot goes down behind enemy lines, these are the experts who stop at nothing to get him out. Nicknamed "PJ's" , they are also surgically trained combat medics. Episode 4- US Marine Recon: Reconnaissance marines are the eyes and ears of the Marine Corps. Shown in the Marine DVD Surviving the Cut, the first men on the ground behind enemy lines, they gather intelligence and carry out missions that support the entire Corps. Their motto says it all: Swift, Silent, Deadly. But to earn the name Recon Marine, you must first survive the corps' famously grueling 12-week recon course. Marines are pushed to unconsciousness in the pool, and then wrestle their 90-pound packs into the pounding surf of the Pacific Ocean. It's a man-breaking, all-out endurance test that forges top soldiers with unparalleled skills. One in three won't make it"¦. only the best survive the cut.

Disc 2)

Episode 3- Special Forces Driver: The US Army's Special Forces Combat Dive Course takes only the Army's best soldiers. Most are already battle-proven Army Rangers and Green Berets. Now these elite special ops soldiers challenge themselves to become the most highly trained combat divers on the planet. For six weeks, they are tested in the most severe underwater conditions. To earn the coveted Special Forces Divers Badge, these men will push the limits of the human body. to prove they have what it takes. One in three won't make it"¦ the rest survive the cut.

Episode 4- Navy EOD: Navy Explosive Ordnance Disposal technicians or EOD are the only explosives and bomb specialists qualified for special operations. Before a Navy EOD team can go to war with Special Forces, they must go through one final test. Like the job itself, it's all-or-nothing training: A five-day, non-stop series of high stress missions. Make the wrong move, allow fatigue or distraction to take over and the entire team will fail. The team that survives the cut stays together as a certified special ops team.

Episode 5- Marine Sniper: Marine Snipers are legendary in the sniper world for being the best. This is where they learn their craft. Units will only send their best men to this course, but on average 1 in the 3 will fail. Becoming a marine sniper takes a level of discipline that few could ever hope to achieve. They will wait hours in the worst possible conditions but only have seconds to make the shot.

Two Weeks In Hell DVD

The U.S. Army Special Forces Green Berets are America's unconventional warfare specialists. Whereas the military's focus usually is on brute-force tactics, the Green Berets rely on creative, innovative, and stealthy tactics to destabilize an enemy from within. They are experts in guerrilla warfare, sabotage, and subversion. They live as the locals do, and they live by their wits. Time and again, their tenet on how to win wars proves true: "Humans are more important than hardware." have the right man, in the right place, with the right mix of special tactics and smart thinking. The results are devastating to the enemy.

A Green Beret candidate may THINK he's the right man for the job, but the Special Forces Assessment and Selection will find out. Over 14 days, a candidate's true character will be exposed. The candidates come from all across America, from both the military and civilian lives. Most have no idea what they are really getting into. Sixty percent of the candidates will not last the two weeks and passing this test is just for the opportunity to start real Green Beret training. Special Forces Assessment and Selection has only one purpose: To find those candidates who have the physical and emotional ability to become Green Berets. Simply surviving the two-week interview will not get you in. Everything is a mind game, and everything is planned to see how the candidates make decisions under extreme stress and disorientation. The cadre "watchers" who are evaluating have seen it all, and they have years of experience in places most people have never heard of. Letting the wrong candidate into this special family gets people killed. The right people can win wars or stop them before they start. This unique access special takes you deep inside the world of America's Green Berets.

In a profession of order and regiment, this is the place for the unconventional and strong-willed. The problem is finding these characters is a virtually impossible process. To find the unconventional thinker, you need an unconventional system to do it. Welcome to SFAS. The Green Berets know exactly what they are looking for, and the SFAS cadre will twist the minds and destroy the bodies of those candidates who want the part. Everything at selection has a reason, but it's like no other selection process in the world. For those who try out, it's an avalanche of chaos, stress, and doubt and a massive dose of "What the hell did I get myself into and what the hell is going on??". The selection process is a brutal test designed to mentally and physically smash men down to their core. Only then will Special Forces know if they want to invest in what is left.

Shop for the Surviving the Cut and Two Weeks in Hell DVDs and get down and dirty with those who strive to become the elite of the U.S. Military.

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