Top 10 Shark Week Must-Haves
SW Slippers

1. Attack, Relax

Go for the krill when it comes to your comfort in these plush great whites.
» Shark Attack Slippers
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SW Drinking Glass

2. Shark Sipping

Cheers to deep waters and "the most wonderful week of the year."
» Shark Week Most Wonderful Week Drinking Glass
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SW Fin Hoodie

3. Zip Up, Chomp Down

Flatter the kings of the sea by mimicking their fintastic style.
» Shark Week Fin Hoodie
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SW 3D Decal

4. Out of the Water

Keep your obsession with the great white predator alive beyond the sea and the screen.
» Shark Week Removable 3D Shatter Decal
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SW Shark Attack Socks

5. Treading Water

Put your best menacing foot forward. Who knew shark infested waters could be so cozy?
» Shark Attack Crew Socks
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SW Backpack

6. Bag O' Bite

Your belongings make the most delicious prey. Keep it all together under tooth and zipper.
» Shark Backpack
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SW Camo Hoodie

7. What Shark?

The beauty of camouflage print meets Shark Week in this off-the-hook design.
» Shark Week Shark Camo Zip Hoodie
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SW Shark 'N Awe Tee

8. Shark Week 2016

Make waves for the best week of the year in the official tee.
» Shark Week Shark N Awe T-Shirt
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SW Lounge Pants

9. Cozy, Comfy, Sharky

You've cleared your schedule for Shark Week. Lounge. Shark. Repeat.
» Shark Week Swimming Sharks Lounge Pants
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SW Embossed Mug

10. Shark the Day

Shark Week is for lovers. Sip a hot beverage and share the joy of sharks.
» Shark Week Fin Embossed Mug
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