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Valley of the T-Rex DVD


Valley of the T-Rex DVD

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  • Format: DVD
  • Number of Discs: 1
  • Run Time: 50 minutes
  • Region: 1 Region?
  • Studio: Gaiam (Exclusive)

Throughout the Valley of the T Rex DVD, you follow Jack Horner as he uncovers the ferocious tyrannosaurus. Horner has discovered a dinosaur that is more than 68 million years old, more than 3 million years older than any other ever found. The Valley of the T Rex DVD takes you on site to the digs in Montana's Badlands, where more T Rex skeletons have been discovered than anywhere else on earth.

In the Valley Of The T Rex DVD, join paleontologist Jack Horner on a journey into the arid badlands of Montana where more T-Rex skeletons have been uncovered than any other place on earth. Follow Horner – who found five T-Rex dinosaurs here in a single summer – as he scrutinizes the T-Rex's arms, large olfactory lobes, tiny eye sockets and unique teeth, to gain insight into whether T-Rex was a ferocious predator or an opportunistic scavenger. The Valley Of The T Rex DVD shows that for example, Horner surmises that the T-Rex's stumpy arms wouldn't allow T-Rex to scoop up prey, indicating he may have come along after the kill.

Among Jack Horner's finds is the oldest T-Rex ever found. The dinosaur DVD shows that at 68 million years, it's 3 million years older than any other specimen challenging the beliefs of when T-Rex roamed the Earth. Also, see a 90% complete never before seen juvenile tyrannosaur called Daspletasaurus – an earlier large meat-eating cousin of T-Rex. During the Jack Horner DVD Valley of the T Rex, you visit dig sites, labs and museums, and witness brilliant computer animation that visualizes how these creatures lived and died. Plus, see new evidence that could allow scientists to reach ever further back in time.

Shop for the Valley of the T Rex DVD, and step into the life of a paleontologist as prehistoric bones are put together to reveal the spectacular dinosaur.

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