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The Venom in Vegas DVD is not for people who suffer from snake phobia. Being locked into a room with poisonous snakes is many people’s worst nightmare, and the notion of entering such a room voluntarily would be inconceivable to them. In the snake DVD Venom in Vegas, that’s exactly what snake expert Donald Schultz does, but he does it in the name of research.

The star of the Venom in Vegas DVD, animal adventurer and venom expert Donald Schultz, has traveled worldwide to collect venom and DNA from rare animals in Wild Recon. But in January, he will face his toughest challenge yet: to live with 100 snakes — many of them deadly — for 10 days, in full view of tourists and webcam fans around the world all to be packaged in a two-hour special.

Watch the snake DVD Venom in Vegas, and learn that every year, more than 100,000 snake bite victims die because the anti-venom that could save them isn't available or is in short supply, and Donald's goal is to raise global awareness of the urgent need for anti-venom in developing countries. To focus attention to this problem, while proving that snakes and humans can coexist, Donald will eat, sleep and drink alongside snakes such as black mambas, rattlesnakes and cobras.

In the Venom Snake videos, their shared custom-designed glass enclosure, complete with a bed and tiny bathroom, will be situated in full-view of the crowds outside of world-famous Harrah's Las Vegas Casino and Resort in January. But Donald will be doing more than simply existing alongside these dangerous snakes. The Venom in Vegas Animal Planet DVD Hill shows him working with them hands-on every day, extracting venom that will be shipped around the world, so research into venom variation and potential pharmaceutical use can continue.

And when he's not milking venomous snakes with his bare hands, he'll be conducting cutting-edge tests to measure, for example, the potency of venom, the depth of fang penetration, and the strike range of the world's fastest snakes, through the use of high-speed cameras. The Venom in Vegas DVD shows that while enclosed, Schultz might just manage to squeeze in some fun when some famous guests stop by. Usually what happens in Vegas, stays in Vegas, but adrenaline junkie Donald hopes this high-profile nationwide stunt will slither its way into the headlines! < br>
Buy the Venom in Vegas DVD to see how adventurer Donald Schultz manages to come out alive after 10 days in a glass enclosure with 100 snakes, from cobras to rattlesnakes.
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