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Want to Own a Scary Pet?

Come face-to-face with realistic spiders, amazing graphics that are not for the faint-hearted. Grow and nurture your spider – feed it live squishy insects so it grows up big and fearsome.Get hands-on by teaching your spider new tricks. Care for your spider to keep it healthy and happy. Take your spider out into the real world and amaze your friends using our Augmented Reality camera on your device.  Collect all exotic species of spider – Including Rio Grande Gold, Mexican Fireleg, Cobalt Blue and many more surprises to discover. Learn facts about each spider so you can look after them in the best way.  Take amazing pictures of your spider in Augmented Reality and instantly share them with your friends. ...

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Traveling with Your Dog

Before departure on a long trip, you should confirm that your intended accommodations permit pets and determine whether any special rules or fees apply. Ten days beforehand, visit your veterinarian for a canine physical, including scheduled inoculations, and to obtain state-required rabies and health certificates. If you are planning international travel with your pet, contact the appropriate consulate for necessary documentation. When leaving the United States for a destination in Canada or Mexico, you'll only need rabies and health certificates. Some countries (although not Canada or Mexico) and even some states (Hawaii, for example) may require quarantine periods for visiting dogs, which could cause you to rethink your plans. In addition to traveling papers, your dog needs food, bowls, blankets,...

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