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The Discovery Adventures app is the definitive outdoor companion for every adventurer. From the team at Discovery that brought you Naked & Afraid, The Wheel, Deadliest Catch, Alaskan Bush People, Survivorman and more, this guide comes packed with of useful tips for fending for yourself wherever your journey will take you. Featuring weekly updates, news posts, outdoor VR, survival tips, essential tools and an extreme choose-your-adventure survival challenges; The Discovery Adventures Official App is your one-stop-shop for all things adventure. Learn Guides, Video Tips, Lessons & More. Step-by-Step DIY Guides Learn how to start a fire! Ensure you are comfortable and warm on your adventure. Test Your Skills Choose-Your-Own Adventure Challenges. See if you’ve got what it takes to survive...

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Sinking in the Swamp

Every third stroke I drop my paddle and frantically reach for the bilge pump.  The gurgling of the suction is barely audible over the thunder and the spray. A few long pumps spew a gallon of water out of the Old Town canoe, but the waves put a gallon and change back.  "Whitewater Bay" reads my nautical map of the Everglades, and it’s as true a name as I've ever heard.  It tells but one lie: the location of the Oyster Bay Chickee, the crucial stilt platform campsite we’re searching for and the only dry land for miles.  It’s not where it’s meant to be, like a boat in a lightning storm, or the empty meal bar packets floating around...

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