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If you are interested in adopting one of Villalobos' rescue dogs (Pit Bull or another breed) you can click below to read about the adoption process and start the process. If you aren't quite ready to adopt, but still want to make a difference please consider sponsoring a dog (a "virtual adoption") or making a donation to the Villalobos Rescue Center. 

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Sit. Stay. Watch.

Miss the latest episode of Pitbulls & Parolees? Looking to spend the afternoon binge watching a season (or two)? Catch up whenever it suits you:                                                         

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About Tia Torres

Tia Torres grew up in a broken home in Southern California and experienced a tumultuous childhood. She longed for a family of her own and began to take in neighborhood dogs and stray cats at an early age. Tia was raised by her stepmother, whom she calls "mom." The two shared a love of animals and together they struggled to keep the family, which included horses and these "gifts from Mother Nature" as her stepmother called them, united. Times were tough, both financially and physically, and her stepmother raised her and took care of a menagerie of animals all on her own. To this day, Tia equates her strength and discipline solely to the way she was raised. With no...

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