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Experience the Elusive Tiger

  They are nature’s largest and most mysterious feline predators — and they need our help. As Discovery embarks on a landmark project to protect endangered tigers, take a step into the world of tigers and experience these legendary creatures up close.

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Our Mission

DISCOVERY HAS LONG BEEN COMMITTED TO TELLING THE STORIES AND PROTECTING THE CREATURES THAT MAKE OUR PLANET EXTRAORDINARY. With Project C.A.T., Conserving Acres for Tigers, we’re making it our mission to ensure a future for tigers and other endangered wildlife so there will always be stories to tell. As a large predator, tigers are an umbrella species. They play a key role in maintaining a healthy ecosystem. By protecting tigers and their habitat, we’re also helping to protect other at risk animals that share this habitat, like Asian elephants, greater one-horned rhinos, clouded leopards and important prey species. Since tigers need vast amounts of land to thrive, this initiative also protects vital forests, which in turn benefits local communities, and the planet...

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