Mythbusters: Season 1

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MythBusters, a detective series, tries to validate urban myths using every tool at our disposal. The series is hosted by two "myth busters." One is a science/technology boffin, the other a trained skeptic. They investigate the claims of "true believers." Our investigators will exmaine three myths in each hour and at the end of each show they will reveal which, if any, has a basis in solid fact.

Episodes include: Exploding Toilet, Cell Phone Destroys Gas Station, Barrel of Bricks, Penny Drop, Buried Alive, Lightning Strikes/Tongue Piercings, Stinky Car, Alcatraz Escape, Explosive Decompression, Chicken Gun, Break Step Bridge, Sinking Titanic, Buried in Concrete

They don't just tell myths, they put them to the test - and methodically bust each urban legend in the process.

Number of discs: 4

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