Mythbusters: Season 5

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The MythBusters are back for another smashing season of cutting edge science. Follow the guys in this 31-episode, 6-DVD set as they debunk, decode and demystify some of the most popular urban myths and legends. Using modern-day science, they put each myth to the test - from cat burglars to Hollywood action heroes - separating the real from the really out there.

Episodes include: Holiday Special, Pirate Special, Hindenburg Mystery, Underwater Car, Speed Cameras, Dog Myths, More Myths Reopened, Voice Flame Extinguisher, Birds in a Truck, Walking on Water, Western Myths, Big Rig Myths, Snow Special, Grenades and Guts, Baseball Myths, Viewer Special, Superhero Hour, Red Rag to a Bull, Myth Revolution, Trail Blazers, Exploding Water Heater, Shooting Fish in a Barrel, Pirates 2!, Confederate Steam Gun, Airplane Hour, James Bond Special - Part 1, Lead Balloon, Airplane on a Conveyor Belt, James Bond Special - Part 2, Viewers Special 2, MacGyver Myths

They don't just tell myths, they put them to the test and methodically bust each urban legend in the process.

Number of discs: 6

Run Time: 1110 minutes

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