Sea Power: Cities On The Water

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2 DVD set. Take a comprehensive look at the powerful ships of today's United States Navy. Marvel as a mind-boggling array of workers, materials and technologies combine to create and sail these ships.

Destroyer: Forged in Steel The Arleigh Burke destroyer is America's most modern surface warship. This sleek, 500-foot long vessel bristles with state-of-the-art weapons and technology. Armed with long-range cruise missiles, 5-inch main guns, torpedoes and high-speed cannons.

Carrier: Arsenal of the Sea The term "Nimitz Class aircraft carrier" typically conjures images of weapon-laden aircraft catapulting off the deck of a mammoth warship. But there is another side to the Nimitz Class - the more than 5,000 people who bring the ship to life! Explore both the military and human dimensions of America's newest aircraft carrier, the USS Ronald Reagan, as she makes her journey from the shipyard to her new homeport.

City of Steel: Carriers Get an inside look at the Navy's aircraft carriers with exclusive footage of the building of the USS Reagan - from the moment the ship is conceived to its delivery to a jubilant Navy crew. Witness the world's largest crane gently nudging massive modular units into place, technicians snaking miles of cables through the bowels of ships and weapons experts installing the latest firepower. And experience the challenge of living on one these floating behemoths.

Submarine: Hidden Hunter Climb aboard the newest shark in the water - the Virginia class submarine. Still in her shakedown period and not yet commissioned, Virginia has been designed to engage a wide array of potential threats, provide offshore nuclear deterrence and offer decisive deep-water hunt-and-kill capabilities. Watch as these amazing machines are built and put through a battery of tests and sea trials. Head to Basic Sub School, where recruits are subjected to harrowing drills as they learn to fight fires and repair leaks.

Number of discs: 2

Run Time: 189 minutes

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