Deadliest Catch: Season 11

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King crab season arrives along with a new set of challenges including Super Typhoon Nuri and the "10-Year Storm." Every fisherman must lean on his Bering Sea brethren to survive. But with great risk comes great opportunity. For those willing to put it all on the line, a 400% increase in Bairdi crab quota means millions more will sweeten the pot. But to succeed out on the water, change must also come from within:

For the ever-controlling Sig Hansen it is a matter of loosening the reigns. For Jake Anderson it is a fight to prove his worth as a fisherman, father and captain. For Josh Harris it'll take stepping out of his father's shadow and earning the respect of his crew, his co-captain and the fleet at large. For Wild Bill it's about accepting his son for who he really is. Johnathan Hillstrand will need to overcome his health, family issues and massive boat repair bills to turn his business around. But it's not all business aboard this fabled boat when the Time Bandit returns with nearly 3000 pounds of explosives. Captain Keith must reexamine his idea of the ultimate deckhand as he goes through several crewmen until ultimately ending up with a crewwoman. For Elliott Neese it's the need to bridge the gap between his dreams of having a family and a successful business to actually doing the work it takes to attain those dreams, especially when it comes to putting his old demons to rest. As the struggle for Bering Sea crab continues only one thing is for certain, this season will push them closer to the brink.

Number of discs: 7

Run Time: 1419 minutes

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